Simple Points About Email Marketing That Are So… Well, Simple… That You May Be Missing The Mark(et)

Simple Points About Email Marketing That Are So... Well, Simple... That You May Be Missing The Mark(et) | Radiant Rumble Blog by Radiant Rose Creates
Ever wondered about email marketing? How it works – or better yet, why use it?

Here’s little secret: Email marketing isn’t down for the count. If it were, businesses wouldn’t specialize in it, marketing tactics wouldn’t include it, and conferences centered on it would have an attendance of zero. But, since that’s not the case, here we are.

SO many businesses (and individuals, mind you) that have any sort of customer base or following are NOT using email marketing to their advantage. The reasons why they don’t are not the point. The reasons why they should are just the point. Take note, however, that this isn’t encouragement to sign up for an email service and buy subscribers. Just like everything else, your email marketing has to have a purpose, with goals – one of those goals being to put out something of value.

To give more of an idea of what your company could do, here’s a bit of information about Radiant Rumble:

We don’t want to…
+ Use email marketing as another way to annoy our clients

+ Trick anyone into receiving our emails

+ Put out things that aren’t valuable or Radiant

We do want to…
+ Put out things that help people “Emit a bright-shining sound from business and life”

+ See people benefit from what we have to offer

+ Invite people that are genuinely interested to join us

That’s our purpose for email subscriptions and blogging. If it turns into clients, awesome!! First and foremost, Radiant Rumble was created to help people emit a bright-shining sound through business and life!

So, what’s the deal? Why isn’t there an email marketing strategy included in the works of your company? There are several great courses out there that can help you get started, but that’s not the aim today. Today, I want everyone to know why they should start email marketing. The goods on how to start can be revisited. (Email me if you’re past the point of no return and need to get started right now!)

Why on earth…?
(The short & sweet of it)

+ Everyone has one. Why can’t you take advantage of that, set yourself apart, and use it to create credibility?

+ Access is easy. There are many different sites to host your email marketing, even with an option that includes the word free.

+ It’s personal. When someone subscribes, they give you the opportunity to engage them in a way that wasn’t there before.

+ Less chaos, less distractions. Social feeds serve their own purpose, but the real connection comes when the Tweets are turned off and all that’s left is an inbox.

+ Knowledge is everywhere. You don’t have to know everything about it to get started.

+ Specialization exists.There are people out there that are really, really great at this stuff.

+ Time can be as much or as little a factor as you want. It will initially take time to get it set up (an hour or so), and some time each month to prepare (based on your plans). Everything else can be handled by an expert.

+ The earlier you start the better. You’ll be further along and more versed in email marketing this time next year.

**If that barely raised an eyebrow, that’s okay; just do me a favor and check out the two links below (I know the year is coming to a close, however, these tips still ring true):

10 Amazing Email Marketing Statistics for 2014
15 Statistics that Prove Email Marketing is (Still) Not Dead in 2014

I know, I know, that may not be enough for you. Take a look at this infographic, Social Media is Hot But Email Packs Digital Marketing Power.

That just makes me want to scream, “Email is EVERYWHERE!!!”, and “Let’s USE THAT STUFF!!!”

Think about it…

+ You have an email address (Or 2, 3, 7 – work, play, personal, spam…)

+ You use it every day… If you don’t, well, you’re either on vacation or watching the Superbowl. The actual game. ‘Cause everyone knows it’s for the commercials.

+ And so does everyone else.

+ You’ve got customers, clients, donors, a following, etc., that’s included in those numbers.

+ Reaching them through email would be virtually painless, and highly cost effective.

+ You already started the process by getting this far in this blog post!

+ You have access to this FREE download! (Just to thank you, and to help you out!)

You’ve got Day 1 of the process down. What are you going to do with Day 2?

Like this? Join us, and don’t forget to check out our #RadiantGiveaway to win your choice of 1 of 4 FREE custom designs (including an email campaign)!

Simple Points About Email Marketing That Are So… Well, Simple… That You May Be Missing The Mark(et)

October Glow: 6 Things We’re Radiating About This Month

October Glow: 6 Things We're Radiating About This Month | Radiant Rumble Blog by Radiant Rose Creates

Every month, we at Radiant Rose want to share a bit of what we are Radiating about, just to let you know more about us, and give you more valuable content in a Radiantly fun way.

My (Clarissa) Grandmother’s favorite season of all was Fall, with the turning leaves and pretty scenery found in Missouri. I’ve yet to discover what an Okie’s Fall looks like first-hand, but I’ve seen some pretty pictures from Beaver’s Bend in Broken Bow, OK – maybe a visit is in order?

This month, October, has been a pretty crazy one, but through it all we’ve still managed to find inspiration, tips and a great place to get coffee along the way. Here’s our October Glow, in no particular order:

#YouGotThis Mug by PrintableWisdom | Radiant Rumble Blog by Radiant Rose Creates
This mug is adorable. You can find it, and many others, at the Etsy Shop of PrintableWisdom.

Fall Marketing Guide: Inspiration to Round Out Your Business Year In Style | Radiant Rumble Blog by Radiant Rose Creates
This Fall Marketing Guide is a great way to get started rounding out your year in business. Check it out, #FallMG to let us know what you found the most helpful.

Normans Bridal Fall 2014 | Radiant Rumble Blog by Radiant Rose Creates
Normans Bridal of Lebanon and Springfield, Missouri. Those dresses are pouring in for the Fall season, check them out online and in-store. They’re even known to let you order their gowns by phone and ship to where to live, if you’re not close enough to drive. How do I know this? I was once one of their Bridal Consultants!

#RadiantGiveaway by Radiant Rose Creates, win 1 of 4 FREE custom designs now through November 30, 2014! | Radiant Rumble Blog by Radiant Rose Creates
Our FIRST and very own #RadiantGiveaway. Enter now through November 30, 2014 to be one of three winners to receive one of four free custom designs by us!

Sweetery Eatery - We're radiating about it! | Radiant Rumble Blog by Radiant Rose Creates
Sweetery Eatery, where you can find this Pumpkin Spice Italian Soda, or their iced coffees, like a PSL. ‘Nuf said. #SweeteryEateryPSL

Personal MBA - We're radiating about it! | Radiant Rumble Blog by Radiant Rose Creates
The Personal MBA by Josh Kaufman is an amazing book that we are loving at the moment! If you haven’t read it, haven’t heard of it, check it out – you just may buy it.

Well, we’d love to hear your feedback on our #OctoberGlow – use that hashtag to let us know what you liked, didn’t like, and what we could include for November! Plus, we’d like to know: What are you radiating about this October? Thank you for reading Radiant Rumble – join us or follow at your own pace!

P.S. Don’t forget to check out our #RadiantGiveaway to win your choice of 1 of 4 FREE custom designs!

October Glow: 6 Things We’re Radiating About This Month

Fall Marketing Guide: Inspiration to Round Out Your Business Year In Style

Fall Marketing Guide: Inspiration to Round Out Your Business Year In Style | Radiant Rumble Blog by Radiant Rose Creates
As the year comes to a close, marketing tactics will fly through the roof with all those racing the “big race”. Between television commercials, social posts, email campaigns and website pop-up ads, your customers and following will be bombarded with all of that stuff.

So, what about all of the small businesses (like us at RRC), non-profits and individuals without huge platforms to run with? Who’s going to talk about them? You! YOU are your company’s best advocate, its top-seller. Although using the more natural approach is what I tend to lean toward, the following tips may bring out the more social, fun side of your business, whether its uncomfortable for you or not.

Remember, however, the goal here is not to blatantly sell or be pushy. People will already get enough of that during these last few months of 2014. At Radiant Rumble, we want to bring value… then customers, followers and your community will be attracted to that without having to “sell” a thing. Below are some ideas to get started:

Take advantage of upcoming holidays and local events.There are several, some of which have already passed by (Labor Day, World Series), some that have barely heard the “swoosh” of this season’s first dunk (NBA), and those still yet to come (Thanksgiving, Christmas). Search out happenings that are going on now until the end of the year throughout the world, then bring it a bit closer to home with what’s going on in your local community. Then, get creative. Really creative. Figure out ways you can take part in both the big and small, to keep your business on the minds of followers, and to gain new ones.

+ Host a book reading, complete with festive finger foods for the parents, and a favor for the children. Advertise that sucker like it’s going out of style – from your painted windows, to fliers in every single bag that carries your adorable items out of your downtown shop. It’ll bring people in to browse while their children are enraptured in the storybook. If nothing else, parents will have a good time with their children, making it a memorable event at your shop. If it’s a hit, they may just become a returning customer.

+ Host a community contest. Cutest kid, MVP for the local high school, First Date story – get creative. Make sure it includes your audience, brings something of value to the community, and creates a buzz about your company – even if it doesn’t bring in any revenue, it’s about the community, and it will create a lasting impression on those involved.

+ Do like Baristas and have an all-out competition for your favorite national sports team. You know, the two jars on the counter, each with rival team names posted, asking customers which team will win the upcoming game? Give it your personal spin, however it will work for your business. Take it to Facebook, for example. Ask people to like their favorite, then after the game, those that liked the winning team’s photo will receive a coupon. The losers? Well, they’ll just have to sit there and take it like a boss, now won’t they? You’d be surprised how many people will come out of the woodwork to support their favorite team. It’s a great way to spread the word about your company through social interaction, and let everyone know which team you love – for better or for worse!

+ Peanut butter, anyone? November is Peanut Butter Lover’s month. Smooth, creamy, thick, chunky. How do you like it? What about your customers? Bakeries (any business, really, can make their own spin of it) could be all over this, making peanut-buttery creations throughout the month, asking customers to cast their vote on their favorite. When December rolls around, votes get tallied, and the winner becomes a permanent part of the menu. This will get people to come in, especially those that love peanut butter, and keep the interaction going all month long through your social platforms. How fun! (This is what we’d like to try from Askinosie Chocolate.)

+ You drive it around anyway, why not let your vehicle promote year-end events! Doesn’t have to be a full-on wrap, just legible text or a magnet will get the job done. The idea with this is to use an extremely targeted approach so viewers know exactly what to do. Including all of your contact info, social platform url’s, logo, name, photo of your store front… just, no. WAY too busy for a 3 second view. Try the business phone number with a QR code (parked at the grocery store) or an invitation to take a photo (share on social platforms to win…) to promote your year-end events. Plus, you could do the same thing next year – just save that magnet!

+ Hold a pop-up shop inside a local coffee shop, downtown boutique, you name it! Wherever there’s foot traffic for your audience, contact those places to see if they will allow a pop-up shop for a day. Sometimes they’ll have a program already in place, other times it’s a great idea no one thought of before. You can trade out work, or negotiate a fee to do so, whatever works. Example? Buy a bag of beans at local coffee shop, and they will hand out cups of coffee to their customers using that bag of beans. They’ll also let those customers know who paid for their coffee, and give them whatever promotional item you provide. Consider hanging out to introduce yourself to potential clients! (P.S. This isn’t a “annoy people in front of the Wal-Mart entrance” type of tip. It’s more targeted to your audience. Think about where the most potential is for your audience to congregate, and set up the greatest Pop-Up Shop ever in that spot!)

++ Quick Tip: Embrace Pinterest. In our visual world, pretty much everything can be made better with an image. Whether graphics or actual photographs, images can be bought or produced pretty quickly and budget-friendly. For the creative out there, check out Justina Blakeney’s 15 Tips to Styling, Shooting & Sharing. For those that need a bit of help, you’re in the right place.

++ Quick Tip: Utilize email marketing with your social marketing. Create calls to action to capture those email addresses, and keep your most loyal followers up to date. If you create an email for your subscribers to pass along to their network, chances are they believe in you and would be happy to pass it along!

Join us (or follow at your own pace) in this endeavor to emit a bright-shining sound from business and life!

P.S. Don’t forget to check out our #RadiantGiveaway to win your choice of 1 of 4 FREE custom designs!

Fall Marketing Guide: Inspiration to Round Out Your Business Year In Style

Welcome to Radiant Rumble, Where We Believe You’ll Want to Visit Often

Welcome to Radiant Rumble, Where We Believe You’ll Want to Visit Often | Radiant Rumble Blog by Radiant Rose Creates

Radiant Rumble exists to help you emit a bright-shining sound from business and life.

Broken down, it looks a bit like this:
– Radiant: Emitting rays of light; shining; bright.
– Rumble: To cause to make or move with a rumbling sound.

As an extension of Radiant Rose Creates (a print, web and event design company) Radiant Rumble is for you, the small business, the non-profit organization, and the individual with a busy schedule, need for speed, bit of inspiration and some bright-shining tips along the way.

Joining the endeavor that is Radiant Rumble is more than just a blog you could choose get delivered to your inbox. It’s about embarking on a journey to put out things that make a mark. Leave a lasting impression. Cause your life and your business to shine brightly through the noise of all that can clutter. Come out with a rumble that doesn’t fade, but that slowly, steadily beats to the tune of its own drum. And causes others to move along with it.

Radiant Rose Creates wants to be radiant, and we want to rumble. And now, with Radiant Rumble, we can help others to do the same – whether you’re a blogger, barista, mother or brother.

In everything that comes from Radiant Rumble, it will be valuable, it will be useful, and it will come with a bright-shining rumble… and almost always with a bit of humor added in there somewhere.

Whether it’s your blog, non-profit organization, entrepreneurship, business ownership, or life in general – Radiant Rumble provides tips, tricks and little tid-bits to help you along your way. You can expect to see radiantly valuable information on a variety of subjects, including:

+ All things business & non-profit organizations
+ Digital Design
+ Marketing
+ E-Books & Jam-Packed PDF’s
+ Giveaways
+ Tutorials (Anything you’d like to see from us??)
+ Happenings of Radiant Rose Creates
+ & More! (It’s in the works; we’d like to get the hang of things and evolve with our readers – SO your feedback is important!

We have some great things planned (an online shop, perhaps?), and would love for you to stick around! Thank you for taking the time to check out the new Radiant Rumble blog, it means the world to us.

Join us (or follow at your own pace) in this endeavor to emit a bright-shining sound from business and life!

P.S. Don’t forget to check out our #RadiantGiveaway to win your choice of 1 of 4 FREE custom designs!

Welcome to Radiant Rumble, Where We Believe You’ll Want to Visit Often