Fall Marketing Guide: Inspiration to Round Out Your Business Year In Style

Fall Marketing Guide: Inspiration to Round Out Your Business Year In Style | Radiant Rumble Blog by Radiant Rose Creates
As the year comes to a close, marketing tactics will fly through the roof with all those racing the “big race”. Between television commercials, social posts, email campaigns and website pop-up ads, your customers and following will be bombarded with all of that stuff.

So, what about all of the small businesses (like us at RRC), non-profits and individuals without huge platforms to run with? Who’s going to talk about them? You! YOU are your company’s best advocate, its top-seller. Although using the more natural approach is what I tend to lean toward, the following tips may bring out the more social, fun side of your business, whether its uncomfortable for you or not.

Remember, however, the goal here is not to blatantly sell or be pushy. People will already get enough of that during these last few months of 2014. At Radiant Rumble, we want to bring value… then customers, followers and your community will be attracted to that without having to “sell” a thing. Below are some ideas to get started:

Take advantage of upcoming holidays and local events.There are several, some of which have already passed by (Labor Day, World Series), some that have barely heard the “swoosh” of this season’s first dunk (NBA), and those still yet to come (Thanksgiving, Christmas). Search out happenings that are going on now until the end of the year throughout the world, then bring it a bit closer to home with what’s going on in your local community. Then, get creative. Really creative. Figure out ways you can take part in both the big and small, to keep your business on the minds of followers, and to gain new ones.

+ Host a book reading, complete with festive finger foods for the parents, and a favor for the children. Advertise that sucker like it’s going out of style – from your painted windows, to fliers in every single bag that carries your adorable items out of your downtown shop. It’ll bring people in to browse while their children are enraptured in the storybook. If nothing else, parents will have a good time with their children, making it a memorable event at your shop. If it’s a hit, they may just become a returning customer.

+ Host a community contest. Cutest kid, MVP for the local high school, First Date story – get creative. Make sure it includes your audience, brings something of value to the community, and creates a buzz about your company – even if it doesn’t bring in any revenue, it’s about the community, and it will create a lasting impression on those involved.

+ Do like Baristas and have an all-out competition for your favorite national sports team. You know, the two jars on the counter, each with rival team names posted, asking customers which team will win the upcoming game? Give it your personal spin, however it will work for your business. Take it to Facebook, for example. Ask people to like their favorite, then after the game, those that liked the winning team’s photo will receive a coupon. The losers? Well, they’ll just have to sit there and take it like a boss, now won’t they? You’d be surprised how many people will come out of the woodwork to support their favorite team. It’s a great way to spread the word about your company through social interaction, and let everyone know which team you love – for better or for worse!

+ Peanut butter, anyone? November is Peanut Butter Lover’s month. Smooth, creamy, thick, chunky. How do you like it? What about your customers? Bakeries (any business, really, can make their own spin of it) could be all over this, making peanut-buttery creations throughout the month, asking customers to cast their vote on their favorite. When December rolls around, votes get tallied, and the winner becomes a permanent part of the menu. This will get people to come in, especially those that love peanut butter, and keep the interaction going all month long through your social platforms. How fun! (This is what we’d like to try from Askinosie Chocolate.)

+ You drive it around anyway, why not let your vehicle promote year-end events! Doesn’t have to be a full-on wrap, just legible text or a magnet will get the job done. The idea with this is to use an extremely targeted approach so viewers know exactly what to do. Including all of your contact info, social platform url’s, logo, name, photo of your store front… just, no. WAY too busy for a 3 second view. Try the business phone number with a QR code (parked at the grocery store) or an invitation to take a photo (share on social platforms to win…) to promote your year-end events. Plus, you could do the same thing next year – just save that magnet!

+ Hold a pop-up shop inside a local coffee shop, downtown boutique, you name it! Wherever there’s foot traffic for your audience, contact those places to see if they will allow a pop-up shop for a day. Sometimes they’ll have a program already in place, other times it’s a great idea no one thought of before. You can trade out work, or negotiate a fee to do so, whatever works. Example? Buy a bag of beans at local coffee shop, and they will hand out cups of coffee to their customers using that bag of beans. They’ll also let those customers know who paid for their coffee, and give them whatever promotional item you provide. Consider hanging out to introduce yourself to potential clients! (P.S. This isn’t a “annoy people in front of the Wal-Mart entrance” type of tip. It’s more targeted to your audience. Think about where the most potential is for your audience to congregate, and set up the greatest Pop-Up Shop ever in that spot!)

++ Quick Tip: Embrace Pinterest. In our visual world, pretty much everything can be made better with an image. Whether graphics or actual photographs, images can be bought or produced pretty quickly and budget-friendly. For the creative out there, check out Justina Blakeney’s 15 Tips to Styling, Shooting & Sharing. For those that need a bit of help, you’re in the right place.

++ Quick Tip: Utilize email marketing with your social marketing. Create calls to action to capture those email addresses, and keep your most loyal followers up to date. If you create an email for your subscribers to pass along to their network, chances are they believe in you and would be happy to pass it along!

Join us (or follow at your own pace) in this endeavor to emit a bright-shining sound from business and life!

P.S. Don’t forget to check out our #RadiantGiveaway to win your choice of 1 of 4 FREE custom designs!

Fall Marketing Guide: Inspiration to Round Out Your Business Year In Style

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