November Glow: 6 Things We’re Radiating About This Month!

Radiant Glow Nov 2014 by Radiant Rumble
Oh, November!

This month, we’ve been glowing about a variety of things… but one thing remains a theme to them all: Thanksgiving! Another Thanksgiving celebration is upon us, and there is a ton to be thankful for! Every year, the holiday season is a bit different, as life goes, but one thing always remains the same: God is good, and time spent with family is precious. The following list has become some of our favorite things this Thanksgiving, so we hope you like them, too! Don’t forget, there’s only one post this week, because it’s Thanksgiving break! Enjoy!

Thanksgiving 2014 FreebiesOur Thanksgiving Freebies
We love Thanksgiving, plus we like to share stuff with you, so it was a no-brainer to create these freebies to share! Pair our place card settings with this DIY pinecone place card holder from Project Wedding (they’re versatile, so you don’t have to attend a wedding to use them) … so cute!

Half-Homemade Chocolate Pumpkin Cinnamon RollsHalf-Homemade Chocolate Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls from SheKnows
These things are so easy to make! They bring out the spirit of Thanksgiving and Fall with the taste of pumpkin, and they can be made in a snap for all of your overnight guests. Let us know what you think of them by tagging us in your photo!

7 Powerful Speaking TipsThis Article on 7 Powerful Speaking Tips
These tips come from one of the most-watched TED Talks Speakers. Our favorite is tip #6. What’s yours? Although this may not be directly related to Thanksgiving, it can be useful for toasts around the table – or holiday business luncheons!

Table-Setting Crash CoursePure Wow’s Table-Setting Crash Course from PureWow
Watch it! Although this may just be an opinion on how to set the table (I’ve heard many different views), it is entertaining, educational, and don’t you just love that music??

Bristlecone DinnerwareAnthropology’s Bristlecone Dinnerware
LOVE the color and wood-like texture of this dinnerware! It’s on sale now (and no, this is not a paid advertisement)!!

14 Tricks to Make Pie Healthier14 Tricks to Make Pie Healthier
When swapping out ingredients for your beloved pie, it might seem like a bit too much. However, we’ve tried some of these in the past (adding wheat flour or Greek yogurt) and you almost can’t tell the difference anyway. This list contains great ideas for getting that pie a bit more health-ified, which could possibly let you feel less stuffed when you’ve finished off that last crumb!

See you all next week! Have a happy Thanksgiving!

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November Glow: 6 Things We’re Radiating About This Month!

#FreeCoffeeFriday Recap + Thank You!

On Friday, November 7, 2014, Radiant Rose Creates partnered with Vintage Coffee of OKC to sponsor a #FreeCoffeeFriday. Customers were able to show up at Vintage Coffee that Friday and grab a cup of joe on us. In addition to a nice hot coffee, they were given a flyer and told about the company that bought their coffee that morning. It’s a really great idea because it lets the community know about businesses new to the area, and reminds them of those that have been there a while.

So, we just wanted to set aside this post, to say thank you so very much for participating and allowing us to spread the word of our company and our services to the OKC area. Below are some photos from the week leading up to #FreeCoffeeFriday as well as on the day of, and we just wanted to share!

#FreeCoffeeFriday from Radiant Rose Creates

+ Top left: Photo from a Vintage Coffee customer
+ Top right: Chalkboard photo promoting #FreeCoffeeFriday
+ Bottom photos: Our unique & creative flyers (dogs & hearts, unfold to reveal a % off)

Again, thanks so much for reading and following!

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#FreeCoffeeFriday Recap + Thank You!

Graphic Designers Aren’t Just For Businesses Anymore

Graphic Designers Aren't Just For Businesses Anymore + Radiant Rumble Blog

Back in the day (beginning in 1907, actually), modern industrial graphic designers were found within companies creating their identities, packaging and marketing materials. They also created typefaces and stock images, much like many still do today. The difference between designers then, and now, is that the majority of them aren’t found mainly within companies, and the majority of them don’t just design for companies. Granted, there have been freelancers and those that work for themselves all along, but the world of graphic designers has completely exploded into more than just those for hire to work in-house or “on the side”.

In fact, many designers specialize in a niche market. They don’t try to be good at everything; they try to be great at a very specific set of things. So, when I say that graphic designers aren’t just for businesses anymore, what I mean is this: There is an entire community of graphic designers that work for themselves, specializing in a wide array of categories that fall within the title of “graphic designer”. They are no longer strictly limited to the obvious areas of design and what they can offer to a business for marketing and branding. There are those that that have seen a need, or created a need, and then filled it, making it their specialty.

Besides the obvious areas, there are specific specialties of graphic design that exist today, many of which the majority of people are unaware. Do you have an event coming up, such as a wedding or birthday? Graphic designers can create your invitations, food tags and even custom favors. Do you want something custom to hang on your wall? Graphic designers can create that for you. What about blogs and other creative people (that aren’t graphic designers), or fabric patterns? Graphic designers can help because they have many tricks under their belt!

Specialties even exist within the more obvious areas, such as the creative needs that arise for business. There are those that specialize in small business branding and marketing, those that specialize in large business branding and marketing, and even those that specialize in the needs of the non-profit organization. Then there are those that specialize in a specific niche within those categories, such as web design, email marketing, social media marketing and even mainly print collateral or packaging. There’s even some that specialize in only the brand and identity of a company, helping them create the best possible image for their business.

Although most designers today can tell you what area in which they specialize, doesn’t mean they can’t or won’t get out of that box. At Radiant Rose Creates, we specialize in print, web and event design. Whether you’re a business, non-profit, or individual, we specialize in helping you put forth your best foot and give the outcome you desire for whatever the creative project. That’s a broad specialty, but it’s put that way for a reason, which is that we like to help people! Not everyone is for us, which is also why we’ve put into place our Radiant Rose Routine, which helps us identify from the very beginning whether we are a great fit for a client, and vise versa.

Graphic designers aren’t like they used to be, and that’s a great thing! They have learned to evolve with what’s needed, and create opportunities for themselves that they otherwise wouldn’t have. That, I think, is also what makes them so special. Sure, you could buy stock graphics and try to make them work, but you won’t get the custom design and service you need. The reason graphic designers exist is because there is actually a need. Those that fill that need are able to do so because they are great at what they do, and people recognize that fact. The next time you have a project that could use a creative eye, graphics, or even utilize photos (some are both photographers and graphic designers!) don’t be afraid to give your graphic designer a ring!

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Graphic Designers Aren’t Just For Businesses Anymore

Thanksgiving 2014 Freebies + YOUR Input for Our Online Shop

Thanksgiving 2014 Freebies from Radiant Rose Creates

Today’s post is going to be a bit less talk and a lot more time for input from YOU! So, here goes…

First, we have to say thank you thus far for subscribing, following and sharing. We wouldn’t be here without you. Which brings me to my first point

If Radiant Rose Creates were to open an online shop, what types of things would you want to see there? What types of things would you expect?

We have a few things in mind, but we want to know what YOU have in mind before we start rolling anything out. To give you more of an idea of the direction we may head, here’s a few of our ideas:

Invitations (weddings, birthdays, etc.)
Holiday Cards
Household items (such as mugs, wall art, glass cutting boards & coasters)

Any suggestions on any of these products, or additional products? Drop us a line or use #rrcshopidea!

On to the second point

As the Holidays near and the year winds down, we’re going to be coming out with the stuff. Free stuff. Starting today… !!!

Thanksgiving place setting printables (like the one pictured at the top of this post) + desktop & phone wallpaper, designed by us. Click here to get them! Don’t forget to show us your creations by tagging us and using #rrcthanksgiving! Share & pin if you like, too!

We hope you enjoyed this *very short* post! Don’t forget to use your extra time to drop us a line or use #rrcshopidea – we would REALLY appreciate it!

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Thanksgiving 2014 Freebies + YOUR Input for Our Online Shop

Ways to Get Out of the Holiday Card Rut

Ways to Get Out of the Holiday Card Rut

We all know what comes with every holiday season: the laughter, family time, amazing smells, sparkly things, cool weather… and those holiday cards.

For some, it’s super easy to go out and buy a cute pack of cards to stick in the mail. For others, it’s super easy to create their own cards and stick them in the mail. But almost always, if you’ve been at it long enough, it’s kinda-sorta a tiny bit of a dread – no matter where you fall within those lines. Not because you necessarily don’t want to do it, or that there isn’t a bountiful supply to choose from. Mostly, it’s just because you always want them to be unique, fun, and memorable – something no one would want to throw away. Not a boring, half-felt picture of some turkey or Christmas tree.

The time for cards to be sent off is nearing, so what will you do about it this year?

The following are some ideas that should help you get out of that holiday card rut:

+ Utilize photos, but better
A simply unique example would be the 3-in-1 card from Artifact Uprising. It’s a card, it’s a photo, and it’s a tag. It’s cute, enjoyable, memorable and interactive (businesses could use the photo slot for a photo coupon)!

+ Fold it up
Create a collage of photos with your greeting in the center, and print it on a square piece of paper (you could use scrapbook paper with a holiday print on the back). Then, fold it according to these origami star instructions, buy some envelopes & send it on its way! If photos aren’t your thing, toss the photos and go greeting-only.

+ Go for practicality
Depending on your recipients, they may like a more useful item (especially if you send them out early!), like double-sided coasters! You can get these custom-made at several online print shops ( and to name a few) with a photo on one side and a greeting on the other – they’ll be festive, a keepsake, and useful year after year!

+ Send a scent
For the DIYers, these next two may just be what you’ve been looking for… Make DIY Potpourri Satchels (make it into an ornament, too!) and attach a cute, free printable holiday tag as your card. Super easy to make, and it will smell good, too!

+ Send joy
A jar of joy, that is. These little DIY confetti packets would be great as a magnet, as well as a card. Find some festive confetti at your local craft store and include your greeting as the backside (instead of both front and back being clear) of the jar. The recipients will have fun shaking it around to reveal your message and then putting it on their fridge.

+ Fast, but awesome
Most of the above examples are somewhat complicated and/or time-consuming. If you really don’t have the time and want them made for you, here are a few unique sites we think may help:

Printable Wisdom
Artifact Uprising
Holiday Cards Pretty Enough to Frame

Now, get to work! Send out radiant holiday cards that will wow (and maybe even smell like Christmas, too), and tag us in your photos – we’d like to see them!!

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P.S. Don’t forget about our #RadiantGiveaway going on now until Nov 30th!

Ways to Get Out of the Holiday Card Rut

Company Overhaul Part 2 of 2: Where We’ve Been to Where We Are Now

This post is part 2 of 2. To view part 1, click here.

Welcome back! Hope your Tuesday was a great one. I’ll get right to it, cause I know you’re not here for small talk! Here’s the list, beginning with…

+ First-Ever “Business” Subscription
At the beginning of August, I knew I wanted to start taking my business a bit more seriously, and begin the transition into full-time. Up until then, it had been at the most a part-time thing, which was great, but was never the plan. I came across a recommendation for, which provides business training and a connection to an online community of entrepreneurs, and started a free trial. Other than my degree, I had never paid for any sort of business training – so this was a big deal!

+ Quitting My Part-Time Job
Next on the list was my part-time job as a bridal consultant. The real reason for this was because my husband and I were moving due to his job; however, I now believe it was exactly the push I needed to give this thing a shot, completely full-time. Being a bridal consultant did bring a new client onboard, and gave insight into the bridal industry that I wouldn’t otherwise have. It was definitely a fun job, but not what I wanted to be doing long-term.

+ Name Change
After the move and arriving in our new place, I finally decided I was really going to try to make my own ventures work and be the business owner I always wanted. First off, I made the (sort of) difficult (but more exciting) decision to change the company name! There’s a lot of apprehension that came along with changing the business name, of which I’m sure others out there can relate. But it really all boiled down to a set of goals, the main one being expansion.

The word “Radiant” was chosen because of the definition, pure and simple. “Rose” still gives it that bit of myself I wanted, without it being all about me. “Creates” at the end may throw you off a bit – it did for me too, at first – but the reason for that is to leave it open-ended. Why? To leave the door open for whatever RRC is, and can become:

Radiant Rose Creates…
…Printed Products
…Web Presence
…Event Visuals

And maybe someday…
…Products sold online
…Event coordination
Any ideas??

Once the name was set in stone, then came the new brand.

+ New Brand + Social Involvement
As a designer, I find it extremely difficult to design for myself! And I know I’m not the only one (you know who you are)! ClarissaRose Design went through about three “official” logo changes… and numerous others behind the scenes. That experience did provide for a much easier, clearer direction to head for the new Radiant Rose Creates branding – but just as difficult to decide. When I finally did, I bought the new domain, hosting, and launched at the end of August. (AND, by the way… the new site is the first site I’ve ever paid for, too!) With that, I also renamed all of my social platforms, and created a schedule for posting and more involvement. I was going all in, paying for business tutorials, a new website, and it felt like crazy town. Especially when I decided to do the next thing on the list…

+ 30 Day Challenge
In the midst of the new name, branding, website launch, fine-tuning my site and learning how to grow my business, I decided I might as well throw another thing in the mix: I took on a 30 Day Challenge to build and launch an online product, from start to finish, thanks to Fizzle. And I did it, and I’m proud of it. You can view it here. The goal of the challenge was to just do it, just get something out there. I put out what I call a “Jam-Packed PDF” about email marketing to educate others, gain email subscribers and possibly even some clients, too. When the product launched at the beginning of September, I had done some online marketing, but I knew I also needed to break out into the new city we’d just moved to.

+ First “In-Person” Networking Event
I knew if I was going to get the word out, I’d have to market myself in whatever way I could, so I went to a local chamber meet-and-greet that was set up to gain new chamber members. It was awkward, uncomfortable, and nothing that I really wanted to do in terms of my personality. BUT it really was something I wanted to do in terms of spreading the word about RRC. I’m glad I went, for the experience mostly, and because I actually gained a networking friend!

++ I just want to insert something here… Have I gone to any events like that again? Nope. Why? Because I figured out that’s not really where or how RRC is going to gain substantial business. It’s great to get out there, but nothing I want to do all the time. I also ran across something from the Creating Fame Blog by Laura Roeder, that said, “Don’t go to events unless you really, actually want to. Determine to be smarter with your time!” And that’s stuck with me.

+ Started an Email List
With ALL of that going on, I managed to also sign up for MailChimp, in order to begin the process of email marketing. The most important reason for starting then was because I also had on my to-do list to launch a blog, and I knew I needed MailChimp’s help to do so – not to mention, I needed a place to keep the emails captured from the 30 Day Challenge! Once all of the above was either launched or within a week of launching, I ticked off another thing on the list.

+ First-Ever #RadiantGiveaway
I wanted to begin a series of giveaways, in order to get the local community excited about and see what RRC could do for them. I launched a #RadiantGiveaway, which is going on now through November 30th. To market this, I’ve traded out work for advertising on a blog, put up fliers, AND we are sponsoring a #FreeCoffeeFriday with Vintage Coffee in OKC on Nov. 7th – mark your calendars and check it out!!

+ Blog Launch
All of that brings us to about a month ago, when I put the wheels in motion for Radiant Rumble. I created a name, logo, slogan, and started writing. Things were ticked off the list as the plan wound down, all the way until launch day, November 4th, 2014.

Whew! This list was pretty long! I hope you’re still hanging on, because I knew that the only way to begin to do what Radiant Rumble was created for, was to tell you all about how and why it began in the first place! The entire idea behind Radiant Rumble is to help you “emit a bright-shining light from business and life”. I hope these first two “official” posts have inspired and pushed you toward doing just that.

Thank you so much for being a part, we would love to hear your comments, so send us an email! For subscribers, your email updates will come once a week – but check in often, as new stuff will be added along with freebees and such! Don’t forget to check out our other posts!

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Company Overhaul Part 2 of 2: Where We’ve Been to Where We Are Now

Company Overhaul, Part 1 of 2: Where We’ve Been to Where We Are Now


Where to start?

How about a short-n-sweet background check:

As you may or may not know, Radiant Rose Creates (the company behind the Radiant Rumble blog) is a digital design company specializing in design for businesses, non-profit organizations, and events. It was established in 2011 as ClarissaRose Design by Clarissa Crocker (the one writing this post!) to begin what would hopefully grow into a full-time freelance graphic design company. At the time, I (Clarissa) was a full-time college student, earning a degree in graphic design, and working part-time.

Fast-forward to October 29, 2014, and boy, is everything different! From my first dollar, to gaining clients and becoming profitable, to more than tripling revenue in one year, RRC has come a long way! Quite a bit has happened over the past three years, but the craziest it’s ever been has been the past three months! A lot changed, some stayed the same, and all in all it’s been a great ride! But, before I get into that, I’ll rewind a bit…

As you may have read on my About The Designer page, I am a creative at heart – always have been. That, coupled with having experience as a customer service representative, a bridal consultant and coming from a family of business owners/entrepreneurs, the conclusion to begin my own adventure came somewhat naturally. Obtaining a degree in graphic design, as well as what I’ll call “self-proclaimed” degrees in other areas of business and marketing due to exposure and experience, I have been able to keep this thing going over the past three crazy years with the help of the Lord, family and friends.

Through word-of-mouth (literally) ClarissaRose Design was born. My first client was my father, and then it escalated from there (he’s the mouth that spread most of the word!). I began with designing only for print – it’s what I wanted to do – and I loved it. As time went on, I realized the importance of and need to include web design, and began integrating that into my services. From there, I realized that I had interest and experience in other areas, so I added email and social media marketing, as well as event design for weddings, family gatherings, and corporate events.

Whew! That is a LOT of stuff, I know! BUT, the reason I provide so much is for a few different reasons:

+ More revenue streams

+ Gets me out of the “box”, and allows for more creativity in different ways

+ Allows for expertise in different areas of design, all which already intertwine and complement

+ Allows for expansion

Don’t get me wrong: I’m not advocating being a “Jack-Of-All-Trades, Master Of None”, nor am I against it (some people do that very well). I’m just telling you what I’ve decided to do, and why, for my own business going forward. For now, I’m using all avenues as a way to see where I can be different, where I can stand out, and who I can create a relationship with in order to accomplish that last goal: expansion. Whether that be just through outsourcing, hiring employees, or both, time will tell!

NOW that all of that is out of the way, let’s bring it back to today; specifically, the last three months. From August up to now, Radiant Rose Creates has gone through one big company overhaul. Beginning with a name change (which we already talked some about) all the way to launching the Radiant Rumble blog, this overhaul has been exasperating and thrilling all at the same time. The long list of accomplishments awaits, so brace yourself!

I hope you enjoyed reading part one of how I’ve gotten to where I am now! That’s IT for today! Part two will be on its way tomorrow!

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P.S. We’d love to hear your comments, send ’em in!

Company Overhaul, Part 1 of 2: Where We’ve Been to Where We Are Now