Company Overhaul Part 2 of 2: Where We’ve Been to Where We Are Now

This post is part 2 of 2. To view part 1, click here.

Welcome back! Hope your Tuesday was a great one. I’ll get right to it, cause I know you’re not here for small talk! Here’s the list, beginning with…

+ First-Ever “Business” Subscription
At the beginning of August, I knew I wanted to start taking my business a bit more seriously, and begin the transition into full-time. Up until then, it had been at the most a part-time thing, which was great, but was never the plan. I came across a recommendation for, which provides business training and a connection to an online community of entrepreneurs, and started a free trial. Other than my degree, I had never paid for any sort of business training – so this was a big deal!

+ Quitting My Part-Time Job
Next on the list was my part-time job as a bridal consultant. The real reason for this was because my husband and I were moving due to his job; however, I now believe it was exactly the push I needed to give this thing a shot, completely full-time. Being a bridal consultant did bring a new client onboard, and gave insight into the bridal industry that I wouldn’t otherwise have. It was definitely a fun job, but not what I wanted to be doing long-term.

+ Name Change
After the move and arriving in our new place, I finally decided I was really going to try to make my own ventures work and be the business owner I always wanted. First off, I made the (sort of) difficult (but more exciting) decision to change the company name! There’s a lot of apprehension that came along with changing the business name, of which I’m sure others out there can relate. But it really all boiled down to a set of goals, the main one being expansion.

The word “Radiant” was chosen because of the definition, pure and simple. “Rose” still gives it that bit of myself I wanted, without it being all about me. “Creates” at the end may throw you off a bit – it did for me too, at first – but the reason for that is to leave it open-ended. Why? To leave the door open for whatever RRC is, and can become:

Radiant Rose Creates…
…Printed Products
…Web Presence
…Event Visuals

And maybe someday…
…Products sold online
…Event coordination
Any ideas??

Once the name was set in stone, then came the new brand.

+ New Brand + Social Involvement
As a designer, I find it extremely difficult to design for myself! And I know I’m not the only one (you know who you are)! ClarissaRose Design went through about three “official” logo changes… and numerous others behind the scenes. That experience did provide for a much easier, clearer direction to head for the new Radiant Rose Creates branding – but just as difficult to decide. When I finally did, I bought the new domain, hosting, and launched at the end of August. (AND, by the way… the new site is the first site I’ve ever paid for, too!) With that, I also renamed all of my social platforms, and created a schedule for posting and more involvement. I was going all in, paying for business tutorials, a new website, and it felt like crazy town. Especially when I decided to do the next thing on the list…

+ 30 Day Challenge
In the midst of the new name, branding, website launch, fine-tuning my site and learning how to grow my business, I decided I might as well throw another thing in the mix: I took on a 30 Day Challenge to build and launch an online product, from start to finish, thanks to Fizzle. And I did it, and I’m proud of it. You can view it here. The goal of the challenge was to just do it, just get something out there. I put out what I call a “Jam-Packed PDF” about email marketing to educate others, gain email subscribers and possibly even some clients, too. When the product launched at the beginning of September, I had done some online marketing, but I knew I also needed to break out into the new city we’d just moved to.

+ First “In-Person” Networking Event
I knew if I was going to get the word out, I’d have to market myself in whatever way I could, so I went to a local chamber meet-and-greet that was set up to gain new chamber members. It was awkward, uncomfortable, and nothing that I really wanted to do in terms of my personality. BUT it really was something I wanted to do in terms of spreading the word about RRC. I’m glad I went, for the experience mostly, and because I actually gained a networking friend!

++ I just want to insert something here… Have I gone to any events like that again? Nope. Why? Because I figured out that’s not really where or how RRC is going to gain substantial business. It’s great to get out there, but nothing I want to do all the time. I also ran across something from the Creating Fame Blog by Laura Roeder, that said, “Don’t go to events unless you really, actually want to. Determine to be smarter with your time!” And that’s stuck with me.

+ Started an Email List
With ALL of that going on, I managed to also sign up for MailChimp, in order to begin the process of email marketing. The most important reason for starting then was because I also had on my to-do list to launch a blog, and I knew I needed MailChimp’s help to do so – not to mention, I needed a place to keep the emails captured from the 30 Day Challenge! Once all of the above was either launched or within a week of launching, I ticked off another thing on the list.

+ First-Ever #RadiantGiveaway
I wanted to begin a series of giveaways, in order to get the local community excited about and see what RRC could do for them. I launched a #RadiantGiveaway, which is going on now through November 30th. To market this, I’ve traded out work for advertising on a blog, put up fliers, AND we are sponsoring a #FreeCoffeeFriday with Vintage Coffee in OKC on Nov. 7th – mark your calendars and check it out!!

+ Blog Launch
All of that brings us to about a month ago, when I put the wheels in motion for Radiant Rumble. I created a name, logo, slogan, and started writing. Things were ticked off the list as the plan wound down, all the way until launch day, November 4th, 2014.

Whew! This list was pretty long! I hope you’re still hanging on, because I knew that the only way to begin to do what Radiant Rumble was created for, was to tell you all about how and why it began in the first place! The entire idea behind Radiant Rumble is to help you “emit a bright-shining light from business and life”. I hope these first two “official” posts have inspired and pushed you toward doing just that.

Thank you so much for being a part, we would love to hear your comments, so send us an email! For subscribers, your email updates will come once a week – but check in often, as new stuff will be added along with freebees and such! Don’t forget to check out our other posts!

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Company Overhaul Part 2 of 2: Where We’ve Been to Where We Are Now

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