Ways to Get Out of the Holiday Card Rut

Ways to Get Out of the Holiday Card Rut

We all know what comes with every holiday season: the laughter, family time, amazing smells, sparkly things, cool weather… and those holiday cards.

For some, it’s super easy to go out and buy a cute pack of cards to stick in the mail. For others, it’s super easy to create their own cards and stick them in the mail. But almost always, if you’ve been at it long enough, it’s kinda-sorta a tiny bit of a dread – no matter where you fall within those lines. Not because you necessarily don’t want to do it, or that there isn’t a bountiful supply to choose from. Mostly, it’s just because you always want them to be unique, fun, and memorable – something no one would want to throw away. Not a boring, half-felt picture of some turkey or Christmas tree.

The time for cards to be sent off is nearing, so what will you do about it this year?

The following are some ideas that should help you get out of that holiday card rut:

+ Utilize photos, but better
A simply unique example would be the 3-in-1 card from Artifact Uprising. It’s a card, it’s a photo, and it’s a tag. It’s cute, enjoyable, memorable and interactive (businesses could use the photo slot for a photo coupon)!

+ Fold it up
Create a collage of photos with your greeting in the center, and print it on a square piece of paper (you could use scrapbook paper with a holiday print on the back). Then, fold it according to these origami star instructions, buy some envelopes & send it on its way! If photos aren’t your thing, toss the photos and go greeting-only.

+ Go for practicality
Depending on your recipients, they may like a more useful item (especially if you send them out early!), like double-sided coasters! You can get these custom-made at several online print shops (zazzle.com and cafepress.com to name a few) with a photo on one side and a greeting on the other – they’ll be festive, a keepsake, and useful year after year!

+ Send a scent
For the DIYers, these next two may just be what you’ve been looking for… Make DIY Potpourri Satchels (make it into an ornament, too!) and attach a cute, free printable holiday tag as your card. Super easy to make, and it will smell good, too!

+ Send joy
A jar of joy, that is. These little DIY confetti packets would be great as a magnet, as well as a card. Find some festive confetti at your local craft store and include your greeting as the backside (instead of both front and back being clear) of the jar. The recipients will have fun shaking it around to reveal your message and then putting it on their fridge.

+ Fast, but awesome
Most of the above examples are somewhat complicated and/or time-consuming. If you really don’t have the time and want them made for you, here are a few unique sites we think may help:

Printable Wisdom
Artifact Uprising
Holiday Cards Pretty Enough to Frame

Now, get to work! Send out radiant holiday cards that will wow (and maybe even smell like Christmas, too), and tag us in your photos – we’d like to see them!!

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Ways to Get Out of the Holiday Card Rut

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