Graphic Designers Aren’t Just For Businesses Anymore

Graphic Designers Aren't Just For Businesses Anymore + Radiant Rumble Blog

Back in the day (beginning in 1907, actually), modern industrial graphic designers were found within companies creating their identities, packaging and marketing materials. They also created typefaces and stock images, much like many still do today. The difference between designers then, and now, is that the majority of them aren’t found mainly within companies, and the majority of them don’t just design for companies. Granted, there have been freelancers and those that work for themselves all along, but the world of graphic designers has completely exploded into more than just those for hire to work in-house or “on the side”.

In fact, many designers specialize in a niche market. They don’t try to be good at everything; they try to be great at a very specific set of things. So, when I say that graphic designers aren’t just for businesses anymore, what I mean is this: There is an entire community of graphic designers that work for themselves, specializing in a wide array of categories that fall within the title of “graphic designer”. They are no longer strictly limited to the obvious areas of design and what they can offer to a business for marketing and branding. There are those that that have seen a need, or created a need, and then filled it, making it their specialty.

Besides the obvious areas, there are specific specialties of graphic design that exist today, many of which the majority of people are unaware. Do you have an event coming up, such as a wedding or birthday? Graphic designers can create your invitations, food tags and even custom favors. Do you want something custom to hang on your wall? Graphic designers can create that for you. What about blogs and other creative people (that aren’t graphic designers), or fabric patterns? Graphic designers can help because they have many tricks under their belt!

Specialties even exist within the more obvious areas, such as the creative needs that arise for business. There are those that specialize in small business branding and marketing, those that specialize in large business branding and marketing, and even those that specialize in the needs of the non-profit organization. Then there are those that specialize in a specific niche within those categories, such as web design, email marketing, social media marketing and even mainly print collateral or packaging. There’s even some that specialize in only the brand and identity of a company, helping them create the best possible image for their business.

Although most designers today can tell you what area in which they specialize, doesn’t mean they can’t or won’t get out of that box. At Radiant Rose Creates, we specialize in print, web and event design. Whether you’re a business, non-profit, or individual, we specialize in helping you put forth your best foot and give the outcome you desire for whatever the creative project. That’s a broad specialty, but it’s put that way for a reason, which is that we like to help people! Not everyone is for us, which is also why we’ve put into place our Radiant Rose Routine, which helps us identify from the very beginning whether we are a great fit for a client, and vise versa.

Graphic designers aren’t like they used to be, and that’s a great thing! They have learned to evolve with what’s needed, and create opportunities for themselves that they otherwise wouldn’t have. That, I think, is also what makes them so special. Sure, you could buy stock graphics and try to make them work, but you won’t get the custom design and service you need. The reason graphic designers exist is because there is actually a need. Those that fill that need are able to do so because they are great at what they do, and people recognize that fact. The next time you have a project that could use a creative eye, graphics, or even utilize photos (some are both photographers and graphic designers!) don’t be afraid to give your graphic designer a ring!

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Graphic Designers Aren’t Just For Businesses Anymore

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