#FreeCoffeeFriday Recap + Thank You!

On Friday, November 7, 2014, Radiant Rose Creates partnered with Vintage Coffee of OKC to sponsor a #FreeCoffeeFriday. Customers were able to show up at Vintage Coffee that Friday and grab a cup of joe on us. In addition to a nice hot coffee, they were given a flyer and told about the company that bought their coffee that morning. It’s a really great idea because it lets the community know about businesses new to the area, and reminds them of those that have been there a while.

So, we just wanted to set aside this post, to say thank you so very much for participating and allowing us to spread the word of our company and our services to the OKC area. Below are some photos from the week leading up to #FreeCoffeeFriday as well as on the day of, and we just wanted to share!

#FreeCoffeeFriday from Radiant Rose Creates

+ Top left: Photo from a Vintage Coffee customer
+ Top right: Chalkboard photo promoting #FreeCoffeeFriday
+ Bottom photos: Our unique & creative flyers (dogs & hearts, unfold to reveal a % off)

Again, thanks so much for reading and following!

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#FreeCoffeeFriday Recap + Thank You!

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