Have We Got a Freebie for You: Valentine’s Day Wallpaper

Free Valentine's Day Desktop Wallpaper + Radiant Rumble Blog

Hello all!

Just wanted to share a bit of Valentine’s Day with you before things get away from us and it’s already here! I’ve created a desktop wallpaper, and I actually think it’s super cute (it’s on my own desktop as I’m typing this), so I wanted to share! Click below:

“Happy Valentine’s Day” Wallpaper

And of course I’m going to ask you to leave some comments on what you think – and maybe even give suggestions for next year and/or upcoming holidays? I’d like to know what you’d like to see – and be creative! Even those “unmentioned” holidays are something I’d be interested in creating a freebie for – just shoot me a line!

Short, sweet, to the point. Not all posts will be this short, but Wednesday posts are usually saved in an attempt to share something awesome and/or get you excited, rather than be completely informational.

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Have We Got a Freebie for You: Valentine’s Day Wallpaper

“Should I Use Email Marketing?” Tips to Help You Decide

"Should I Use Email Marketing?" Tips to Help You Decide + Radiant Rumble Blog

That is a pretty loaded question! Email marketing can serve many, many purposes, and it is completely different from any other platform you may currently use. Your website, social media presence, and even your online shop all serve a different purpose; why should email marketing be any different?

Email marketing allows for contact with your customers in a way that you would not otherwise have. So the question is not, “Should I use email marketing?”, it’s more, “What type of email marketing should I use?”

To answer that, there are several things to consider:

Type of business
Type of email marketing
Best time to hit send
End goal

We’ll go through and talk about all of these, but before we do, grab a piece of paper. At the risk of sounding boring or like this is going to be some hard project, just know that it’s work, but that you won’t regret it in the end!

Type of Business:
What is your field of business? Even though you know it backwards and forwards, write it down at the top of your paper.

Do you really know your audience? Have you ever heard the saying, “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have?” Same goes for your customer base. Besides what you already know about your current customers, write down who you want future customers to be. Their ideals, what they’re willing to spend money on, and even what they like to do for fun. In the words of Tara Gentile, “Think of an individual person…Who is the one person I know who has this problem?”

Alright, so this may not be a huge deal to your business; however, if you’re in the market of marketing to the entire world (online business, perhaps), you’ll need to pay attention to when you send your emails and when they’re opened. You may need to group subscribers in different time zones and send out accordingly.

Types of email marketing:
We like to pass along stuff we learn, and do not want to copy others or reinvent the wheel. What a waste of both of our time! All that to say, this article from HubSpot hits the nail right on the head: 6 Different Emails Every Marketer Should Consider Sending. (Read it and write down what type(s) you’d like to send out!!)

Best time to hit send:
Although there is no one answer to this looming question, below are a few tips that will help you decide what’s best for your specific customer base. Read through them, then jot down what ideas you think will work best as of now:

Tip #1. Start simple, with What Our Data Told Us About the Best Time to Send Email Campaigns. It contains insightful information (including optimization), but if you don’t have time to read it, we’ll let you in on the top secret: During the day, between 9-5.

Tip #2. Research not only the best time, but the best day to hit send. Best Time to Send Email Marketing Campaigns, another great article that was published in April 2014, breaks down the pros and cons of sending your campaign on each day of the week.

Tip #3. Overall, if you really want to know the true answer for your audience, conduct A/B split tests. This may sound like some big hurdle, but put plainly, it means to send out separate batches of emails at different times to a certain percentage of your subscribers. For example, Email A is sent to 10% of subscribers at 9am, while Email B is sent to another 10% of subscribers and 7pm. Combined with analytics (which most email campaign managers provide), this can tell you which time the most emails were opened, and set you up to schedule future emails exactly when the most subscribers will open them. Repeat this step to find the day that works best.

End goal:
YOUR end goal. WHY are you asking for subscribers (never buy them!) and sending them email? Do you want to:

Increase foot traffic
Increase website traffic
Increase social traffic
Increase sales
Increase repeat business
Gain referrals
Create community
Lower marketing costs

Copy down what you’d like to see happen. Email marketing can provide for one or all of the above.

Whatever route you want to take, these basic tips will help you tremendously throughout your email marketing endeavors – whether you’re just beginning, or you’ve been doing it for a while and your campaigns are in need of a face lift.

If you’re still skeptic, check out Simple Points About Email Marketing That Are So Simple…

Let is know if/how this post helped you, and any suggestions you may have for us and others!

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“Should I Use Email Marketing?” Tips to Help You Decide

January Glow: 6 Things We’re Radiating About This Month!

Radiant Glow January 2015 + Radiant Rumble Blog

This month, we came across quite a few things, mostly about the normal January speak: goals, weight loss, etc. etc. etc. Well, we know you’ve probably came across quite a few things like that yourself, so we didn’t want to be redundant. January’s Radiant Glow is all about the fun of a new year, new things, recipes, stuff you may not know about. Check it all out, you won’t be disappointed!

Radiant Glow January 2015 Food52 Ceramic Measuring Cups + Radiant Rumble Blog

These Ceramic Measuring Cups from Food52 are so cute! They would make a great decoration just sitting on the counter – pretty, and functional! Our kind of stuff. Check out Food52 for some great recipes, too!

Radiant Glow January 2015 Averie Cooks Avocado-Stuffed Pastries + Radiant Rumble Blog

Avocado, Cream Cheese & Salsa-Stuffed Pastries: YUM! Great alongside dinner, or as an appetizer; check out other recipes, like the Sweet Potato and Mozzarella Egg Skillet… so many yummy things on this blog!

Radiant Glow January 2015 Balancing Home My Heart Is Bursting Valentine's Day Game + Radiant Rumble Blog

A cute game for Valentine’s Day: My Heart Is Bursting Valentine’s Day Game. Although we’ve never actually played it, this game looks like it’d be fun for that upcoming Valentine’s Day party. Plus, there are other projects and printables on this blog for those of you with kids!

Radiant Glow January 2015 A21 Campaign & Shoot the Skies Project + Radiant Rumble Blog

A21 Campaign and Shoot the Skies. A21 exists to end human trafficking here in the U.S. and across the globe. Shoot the Skies is a daily photo project from 2013 dedicated to raising awareness to the monumental issue of human trafficking. We at Radiant Rose support A21 in their endeavors, and want to see human trafficking ended.

Radiant Glow January 2015 Smart Passive Income Blog + Radiant Rumble Blog

Smart Passive Income. Read the blog, you’ll be enlightened at the idea of and/or inspired to create passive income for yourself!

Radiant Glow January 2015 By Regina's How to Plan a Killer Business Launch + Radiant Rumble Blog

Finally, How to Plan a Killer Business Launch Event will give those business owners out there a fun, free guide to planning their next (or first!) event. If you want to get technical, you could apply it to any event, for those of you that just want help with their party planning!

Have a great day, hope you explore the things we’re glowing about this month!!

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January Glow: 6 Things We’re Radiating About This Month!

Top 9 Tips to Promote Products with Email Marketing

Top 9 Tips to Promote Products with Email Marketing + Radiant Rumble BlogGiven that we have embarked on our own new adventure of online commerce, we have been faced with the task to market our very own products in a world that we don’t know all that much about. Sure, we can take some expertise to the bank, but selling on the world wide web is much different (yet just as much difficult) than selling in person – or, in our case, not selling at all beforehand!

Aiming to market our products in the most effective way, we searched up and down for the best information. In trying to apply what we learn to our shop, we wanted to share it with those that are also fairly new to the game. Get readin’, your shop depends on it!

+ Know your goal.
This is the backbone of your promotion. It will drive everything else. This is a pretty much a rule not only for product promotion email campaigns, but for all email campaigns in general. Hitting send willie nillie only serves to waste your time and that of your subscriber’s!

+ Target it, baby.
Cater to the buyer. If you know who you’re about to send to (demographics), personalize it for them (not just their name, but their interests). For example, you may have a food blog that you’ve been collecting subscribers from for some time. You’ve been able to use analytics, surveys and segmentaion to group your subscribers into those that like to bake and those like to cook. Your product promotion email campaign to the group that likes to bake would be all about those new cookie cutters you just added to your Etsy shop. This information is simple, yes, but often overlooked. Ultimate target: send relevant stuff. Those that don’t care will unsubscribe – and believe me, it’s better that way! It’s not always all about the number of subscribers.

+ Tell a story.
Nothing is more relatable than a story.  Whether the shopper has experienced what you have or not, chances are, they know someone who knows someone who has. And where that’s not the case, a story still gives a real-life picture to the product. Just as in targeting, it’s all in the details.

+ Create urgency.
Slap an expiration date on that sucker, and let them know exactly when their “last chance” will be. Or better yet, merely urge them to click by saying something like, “Limited time, limited offer, get it while it’s hot!” If they’re truly interested, that could push them over the edge. Plus, you don’t want to give the idea that something never ends when it actually does, so don’t to add urgency!

+ Ask for the sale.
No one ever said selling was easy, and bygolly a sale is definitely not going to just fall into your lap! (Okay, sometimes this happens…) So plan to ask, in a generous, non-pushy way, for the sale. A button as simple as “buy now” or “get it here” can go a long way.

+ Make that offer amazing – and look it, too.
Offers are offers are offers. Raise your hand if you’re tired of seeing the same old blatant sales pitch! Not only should your offer be awesome, but it should also look like it’s big news. An awesome offer minus bad design choices equals ineffective campaign. Your designer can help you with that!

+ Track success and failure.
Keep up with your backend analytics, it exists to help you decided everything: from the most-opened headlines to the best-looking and best-shared. It all lies within that weird graph you’re too afraid to view. Need help with understanding analytics? Self-educate by checking out training resources (Google Analytics), forums, youtube videos, and the like. Figure out where your subscribers hang out, what they like, their tendencies, etc. and use that data to your advantage. Analytics are your friend!

+ Be consistent, but break your box.
A consistent layout, logo, typeface, etc. are what’s going to keep your subscribers from thinking you don’t know what your doing or that their email has been purchased by some company at random. Provide the basic consistencies to keep things straight, then give them something fresh and new to view each and every time, minus the normal template. No one likes to open the exact, or pretty-much-the-same-looking email every week!

+ Finally, diversify; put it out there in more ways than one.
We’ve already talked about promotion via email… so let’s go a step further to include other outlets, such as social media. Most email campaign providers allow the option to auto-share with social media once the email has been posted. Take advantage of this! You can also include a section at the bottom of your email asking the subscriber to Pin it. The more shares, the merrier!

+ But wait, there’s more!
We don’t have all of the answers, of course, so view below for some outside tips (some may be product promotion in general, but can be applied when promoting via email):

Why Customer Engagement is the Future of Ecommerce

6 Tried-and-True Email Marketing Tactics

Subject Lines That Will Get Your Emails Read

Happy reading! If our tips help, be sure to let us know! Thanks for reading!

Top 9 Tips to Promote Products with Email Marketing

Valentine’s Day Printable Pack + Our Favorite Verses

Valentine's Day Printable Pack by Radiant Rumble & Radiant Rose Creates!

Welcome back!!

We have a freebie for you today, and it’s all about Valentine’s Day! First, we wanted to share some favorite verses about God’s love, below:

+ Ephesians‬ ‭4‬:‭2‬
Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.

+ 1 John 3:16
This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us. And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers and sisters.

+ Matthew 22:37
Jesus replied: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.”

God’s love is abounding and all-encompassing. His love is the ultimate Valentine’s Day love.

Although it is still a little over a month away, we figured you might want to take advantage of this pack now while you’re planning your (or your children’s) Valentine’s Day party!

This pack includes:

– Cupcake Toppers
– Mini Tic Tac Toe
– Triangle Banner, “Happy Valentine’s Day”
– 8×10 Frameable art
– Suggestions for use on each page

As always, please do not distribute for payment of any kind. The Valentine’s Day Printable Pack is the sole property of Radiant Rose Creates and is only available to you for print and personal use.

Our Valentine’s Day pack is ready for your print button! Click the link below to get it:

Valentine’s Day Printable Pack

We hope you enjoy it – tag us in decor photos so we can see how you use it! If you love it, Pin this to share with all of your friends and family, too!

Don’t forget to check out our Valentine’s Day Card Kit in our Mini Shop, they’ll go perfectly with your new free printable pack!

Happy Valenti… Er… It’ll be here before we know it!!!

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Valentine’s Day Printable Pack + Our Favorite Verses

How to Reach Out to Old Subscribers (Reengagement Campaign Tips)

How to Reach Out to Old Subscribers (Reengagement Campaign Tips)

Have you ever gotten some random email to your inbox, and wondered where it came from, only to realize that you had subscribed to receive it… like, a year ago? Or even three months ago? Believe it or not, that can happen quite often, and it’s something you really, really want to avoid repeating within your own company’s email marketing strategy. Statistically speaking, email subscribers that receive emails too much, too little, or too sporadically get more unsubscribes, spam clicks and trash overflows than they probably care to admit. When it comes to email marketing, your strategy has to be clear, consistent, and uber exciting and/or relevant to the subscriber. If it’s not, you’ll flunk out with a big fat all of the above (unsubscribe, spam…).

So, what. To. Do?

First off, your subscribers invited you into their inbox with open arms, so treat them as a special guest: with the manners, the good silverware, and the only cookie left on the plate. They do not want to get completely attacked by an troop of headlines armed with red text spelling out “Buy Me Now” and “You Need This”. That’s a nice, “Welcome to the Club of Annoyance, come on in!”, right? But it’s not what you would want in your own inbox, so why send it to someone else’s? When considering the frequency of your campaigns, think first and foremost about the purpose and the audience. And probably a bit about how you would want to be treated. After all, your next email is only as good as your first impression – and we all know we only get one of those!

With your purpose (reengagement) and your audience laid out, use the following tips to create something exciting, engaging and most of all relevant to your customers. Make them remember (or give them new reasons to stick with ya) why they subscribed to your list in the first place:

Determine who to reengage. This entire article is pretty thorough, so read it all if you can! But if it’s above your head, just scroll down to the headline “Determine Who to Reengage”. That’s the part that matters the most for now.

Strive for action. What you put out before, wasn’t working. Your subscribers fell inactive or barely active because of a disconnect. Reconnect, reengage (apply this to email!)

Not only strive, but be perfectly clear. Perform the squint test.

Research: This is the fun part! You don’t have to start completely from scratch; research what worked well for another company within your market to get inspiration. Always create your own work, but use others for a brainstorm session (Pinterest and Google)! See below:

Get Social

Exclamation Point!

We Hate Goodbyes


Top Performers (if you haven’t seen it already!)

Remember, you also have a friend in us (link to email page) to help you with your email needs – but we also realize that sometimes people just need a bit of self-help.

Hope this was incredibly helpful! Let us know how we’re doing, drop a comment.

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How to Reach Out to Old Subscribers (Reengagement Campaign Tips)

Email Campaigns that Rocked 2014 + Campaign Planner

Email Marketing Campaigns that Rocked 2014 + Free Campaign Planner

Happy Wednesday!

Yesterday we gave out some tips for email marketing trends and design, so today we’ll continue that with a list of the Top 100 Email Marketing Campaigns of 2014 (click the link) from Campaign Monitor. We like to share things from others, so we figured we would share this rather than create our own! However, we did create something of our own just for you.

As soon as Radiant Rumble launched, we knew we needed a schedule to follow to keep it consistent and the creative juices flowing. We also knew that along with the blog posts, we wanted to send out a weekly email with links to these posts, to make it easy for you to read our latest. With that, we created a simple process that we now use for our blog posts and email campaigns – and we are sharing it with you now! It’s made life so much easier! Plus, being able to schedule blog posts (WordPress) and email campaigns (MailChimp) ahead of time is such a timesaver! Hopefully this will help you out with your own scheduling – and you could always take it and modify it to fit your needs. Click the link below to view and print our Email Campaign Planner:

Email Campaign Planner

(Click on the link to print. If it’s a bit boring, print it out on piece of pretty paper!)

Thanks for reading, let us know if you liked our planner!

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Email Campaigns that Rocked 2014 + Campaign Planner

2015 Email Marketing Trends and Design Tips


It’s that time of year! When all of your marketing efforts are in full swing, and there are a slew of things on your plate to accomplish before the end of January (and this week)! That to-do list may include several things as far as marketing goes, but email marketing should be a pretty big focus – either starting, maintaining, or expanding it with your audience.

Week in and week out, if you are consistent, you send out one or more emails to your subscribers in hopes of accomplishing a goal. Whether that goal be to gain more web traffic, sales of a certain product, promotional materials, or company updates, you always (or at least you should) have an end goal in mind for every email you send out.

But how do you know what to send? How do you know what look to give it?  How do you know it will be relevant? How do you know it will create a feeling to generate leads and make a sale? How do you know it will get read before it’s deleted? How do you know your customers won’t be annoyed, unsubscribe and send it to spam?

Although you cannot fully know the answer to all of those questions, there are tools and tricks to help in prevention of many issues related to email marketing. From trends to analytics, we’ve compiled a bit of tips that worked in 2014 to help you out with your upcoming email campaigns for 2015, read all about it below!

2015 Tips for Email Marketing
– Know your audience: What they want, when they want it, and where they hang out. Show them you want their business by getting to know them.

– Provide value without anything in return. The more you give (don’t give away the house; sometimes the right article at the right time is all they ever want) the more valued your subscribers will feel. Don’t trash their inbox with just another junk email. Make the most of the time they give you.

– Be relevant. When you’re not providing value in terms of dollars (coupons, discounts, etc.), you’re providing value in terms of relevant content. #1 Reason for a failed campaign is irrelevance to the receiver.

– Take advantage of analytics and surveys. They allow you to peer into your subscriber’s mind and gain information to better provide for them. Not to mention, analytics are also a great tool to use for campaign ideas.

– Optimize for… everything at once. Expect your email to be viewed on a number of devices, and plan for it.

– Keep it simple, Shirley. Ask for an email, and maybe a first name. The world is moving fast, so quick is key. A follow-up email providing more value will allow for ample information-gathering in the future.

– Behave like a friend. Don’t be fake, or act like you know them (there’s a fine line here), but merely be friendly. Address them as if they are in person, right there in front of you. Couple it with some personalization, and you’ve got an email that could potentially stand out.

– Sweat the details. Go above and beyond to make your call to action clear. As a general rule, point it out, and ask for it. Name drop it a few times, where applicable, too. This also contains a fine line between selling and informing, so be careful to put it loud and clear only where it counts.

– Listen. Your subscribers are the life of your email campaign party. Use surveys (free ones, at that!) to survey your subscribers, learn what they want, why they subscribed, and better give them value.

2015 Tips for Email Marketing Design

– Pay attention. Layouts with more than one column need attention when dealing with different devices – they’ll stack differently than on a desktop, which could turn your content upside down.

– Rely on clicks… and swipes and taps. The level of interaction has heightened, so keeping attention is that much harder. Make it interesting, but quick.

– Personalize as much as possible. Include their name, your signature, things they liked from your site, etc. The options are endless. Don’t use this tactic to invade, but rather, persuade.

– Include social sharing, and even forwarding buttons. Sometimes this is left out (which is necessary on occasion) but driving traffic between the two is essential.

– Be effective. An email that has 20 different things going on isn’t going to capture any more attention than what it takes to hit the delete button. Your designer should be able to help you with this, but if not, search “effective email marketing designs” to get some ideas for yourself.

– Test it. Better safe than having to send one of those “oops, I did it again” emails (I’ve received 2 of those within the last two weeks!!)

Check out this article for more tips on how to make your email campaign look good.
Let us know what helped, what didn’t, and any suggestions for a better email campaign. Tomorrow, we will share some awesome campaigns from 2014, and give you a freebie to get started!

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2015 Email Marketing Trends and Design Tips

Radiant Rumble’s 2014 in Review: Thanks to Our Readers!!!

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 230 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 4 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Radiant Rumble’s 2014 in Review: Thanks to Our Readers!!!