How to Reach Out to Old Subscribers (Reengagement Campaign Tips)

How to Reach Out to Old Subscribers (Reengagement Campaign Tips)

Have you ever gotten some random email to your inbox, and wondered where it came from, only to realize that you had subscribed to receive it… like, a year ago? Or even three months ago? Believe it or not, that can happen quite often, and it’s something you really, really want to avoid repeating within your own company’s email marketing strategy. Statistically speaking, email subscribers that receive emails too much, too little, or too sporadically get more unsubscribes, spam clicks and trash overflows than they probably care to admit. When it comes to email marketing, your strategy has to be clear, consistent, and uber exciting and/or relevant to the subscriber. If it’s not, you’ll flunk out with a big fat all of the above (unsubscribe, spam…).

So, what. To. Do?

First off, your subscribers invited you into their inbox with open arms, so treat them as a special guest: with the manners, the good silverware, and the only cookie left on the plate. They do not want to get completely attacked by an troop of headlines armed with red text spelling out “Buy Me Now” and “You Need This”. That’s a nice, “Welcome to the Club of Annoyance, come on in!”, right? But it’s not what you would want in your own inbox, so why send it to someone else’s? When considering the frequency of your campaigns, think first and foremost about the purpose and the audience. And probably a bit about how you would want to be treated. After all, your next email is only as good as your first impression – and we all know we only get one of those!

With your purpose (reengagement) and your audience laid out, use the following tips to create something exciting, engaging and most of all relevant to your customers. Make them remember (or give them new reasons to stick with ya) why they subscribed to your list in the first place:

Determine who to reengage. This entire article is pretty thorough, so read it all if you can! But if it’s above your head, just scroll down to the headline “Determine Who to Reengage”. That’s the part that matters the most for now.

Strive for action. What you put out before, wasn’t working. Your subscribers fell inactive or barely active because of a disconnect. Reconnect, reengage (apply this to email!)

Not only strive, but be perfectly clear. Perform the squint test.

Research: This is the fun part! You don’t have to start completely from scratch; research what worked well for another company within your market to get inspiration. Always create your own work, but use others for a brainstorm session (Pinterest and Google)! See below:

Get Social

Exclamation Point!

We Hate Goodbyes


Top Performers (if you haven’t seen it already!)

Remember, you also have a friend in us (link to email page) to help you with your email needs – but we also realize that sometimes people just need a bit of self-help.

Hope this was incredibly helpful! Let us know how we’re doing, drop a comment.

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How to Reach Out to Old Subscribers (Reengagement Campaign Tips)

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