Top 9 Tips to Promote Products with Email Marketing

Top 9 Tips to Promote Products with Email Marketing + Radiant Rumble BlogGiven that we have embarked on our own new adventure of online commerce, we have been faced with the task to market our very own products in a world that we don’t know all that much about. Sure, we can take some expertise to the bank, but selling on the world wide web is much different (yet just as much difficult) than selling in person – or, in our case, not selling at all beforehand!

Aiming to market our products in the most effective way, we searched up and down for the best information. In trying to apply what we learn to our shop, we wanted to share it with those that are also fairly new to the game. Get readin’, your shop depends on it!

+ Know your goal.
This is the backbone of your promotion. It will drive everything else. This is a pretty much a rule not only for product promotion email campaigns, but for all email campaigns in general. Hitting send willie nillie only serves to waste your time and that of your subscriber’s!

+ Target it, baby.
Cater to the buyer. If you know who you’re about to send to (demographics), personalize it for them (not just their name, but their interests). For example, you may have a food blog that you’ve been collecting subscribers from for some time. You’ve been able to use analytics, surveys and segmentaion to group your subscribers into those that like to bake and those like to cook. Your product promotion email campaign to the group that likes to bake would be all about those new cookie cutters you just added to your Etsy shop. This information is simple, yes, but often overlooked. Ultimate target: send relevant stuff. Those that don’t care will unsubscribe – and believe me, it’s better that way! It’s not always all about the number of subscribers.

+ Tell a story.
Nothing is more relatable than a story.  Whether the shopper has experienced what you have or not, chances are, they know someone who knows someone who has. And where that’s not the case, a story still gives a real-life picture to the product. Just as in targeting, it’s all in the details.

+ Create urgency.
Slap an expiration date on that sucker, and let them know exactly when their “last chance” will be. Or better yet, merely urge them to click by saying something like, “Limited time, limited offer, get it while it’s hot!” If they’re truly interested, that could push them over the edge. Plus, you don’t want to give the idea that something never ends when it actually does, so don’t to add urgency!

+ Ask for the sale.
No one ever said selling was easy, and bygolly a sale is definitely not going to just fall into your lap! (Okay, sometimes this happens…) So plan to ask, in a generous, non-pushy way, for the sale. A button as simple as “buy now” or “get it here” can go a long way.

+ Make that offer amazing – and look it, too.
Offers are offers are offers. Raise your hand if you’re tired of seeing the same old blatant sales pitch! Not only should your offer be awesome, but it should also look like it’s big news. An awesome offer minus bad design choices equals ineffective campaign. Your designer can help you with that!

+ Track success and failure.
Keep up with your backend analytics, it exists to help you decided everything: from the most-opened headlines to the best-looking and best-shared. It all lies within that weird graph you’re too afraid to view. Need help with understanding analytics? Self-educate by checking out training resources (Google Analytics), forums, youtube videos, and the like. Figure out where your subscribers hang out, what they like, their tendencies, etc. and use that data to your advantage. Analytics are your friend!

+ Be consistent, but break your box.
A consistent layout, logo, typeface, etc. are what’s going to keep your subscribers from thinking you don’t know what your doing or that their email has been purchased by some company at random. Provide the basic consistencies to keep things straight, then give them something fresh and new to view each and every time, minus the normal template. No one likes to open the exact, or pretty-much-the-same-looking email every week!

+ Finally, diversify; put it out there in more ways than one.
We’ve already talked about promotion via email… so let’s go a step further to include other outlets, such as social media. Most email campaign providers allow the option to auto-share with social media once the email has been posted. Take advantage of this! You can also include a section at the bottom of your email asking the subscriber to Pin it. The more shares, the merrier!

+ But wait, there’s more!
We don’t have all of the answers, of course, so view below for some outside tips (some may be product promotion in general, but can be applied when promoting via email):

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6 Tried-and-True Email Marketing Tactics

Subject Lines That Will Get Your Emails Read

Happy reading! If our tips help, be sure to let us know! Thanks for reading!

Top 9 Tips to Promote Products with Email Marketing

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