We’re Giving Away The Shop: $5 Hand-Lettered Card

We're Giving Away The Shop: $5 Hand-Lettered Card! + Radiant Rumble Blog

To celebrate Online Shop Month at Radiant Rose (yes, we just gave it that name for the purpose of this post) and to celebrate the fact that you’ve stuck with us, we’re selling our Hand-Lettered Arrow Thank You Card at half-price.

This print yourself, digital file is hand-lettered and hand-drawn… and it’s our first of its kind up on the shop! Needless to say, we’re pretty proud of it. More to come!!

Not only are we offering this card for $5, but we also think you’ll enjoy seeing how we list products on our own site (although they’re still a work in progress)!

We would SO appreciate a Pin to get the word out – this is only for a limited time, so take advantage of it!!

Click the image below to get to our Cards in the Shop:

Hand-Lettered Arrow Thank You Card Special + Radiant Rose Creates
Thank you for reading and sharing!!!

We’re Giving Away The Shop: $5 Hand-Lettered Card

How to List Products In Your Online Store: Tips For The Best Of Us

How To List Products In Your Online Store: Tips For The Best Of Us + Radiant Rumble Blog

When it comes to listing products on your own site, there’s not much out there in the way of free resources to help guide you into the world of the unknown. Sure, there are tips on how to list via Google Ads, or tips on how to create product photos, or even tips on great FAQ pages. But there’s really not a whole lot that says, “Here, this is how you should list your products on your site, just follow these steps to get started.”

That’s why we decided to go ahead and do it ourselves!

We have enough experience with design to know that a great product page isn’t easy, but it definitely can be done with the right set of tools. Most of those tools are stored inside your brain; we’re just going to dig them out a bit today. You can certainly adapt this list to fit your own needs, we just wanted to take the chance to be one of the few to cover the subject in its general form.

If you’re completely new at this, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re not, a refresher is always nice – plus, you may find out new ways of doing things! Don’t stress over getting everything perfect… Our store has been revised twice now, and that’s just because we are always learning about and adapting to our audience. We want to help you do the same, in this simple, easy to follow format. There’s even a practice exercise at the bottom, so don’t hesitate to try that out…

No Distractions (Page Layout and Otherwise)
Ads, pop-ups, buttons, links, etc. etc. etc…. Terrible. Just don’t do it. Even if it’s your own. Statistically speaking, the more distractions, the less that gets done. If you do the work to get the customer from the search engine, Facebook ad, or Pinterest Pin (or whatever) to your website to buy the product, WHY distract potential clients with other junk? All it does is either distract them from purchasing altogether (prolonging the shopping process) or annoy them (causing them the leave).

Attractive Photos
It’s no secret the world likes pretty things. One reason to learn to take amazing photographs (or hire an amazing photographer) is to showcase your products in the best light possible (really). Check out The Artful Desperado for picture inspiration, then head on over to Pinterest and search “Product Photography Tips”. There were just too many good ones to link them all!

Interesting Descriptions
You want your item to sell, right? Brainstorm, use the dictionary and thesaurus to find words that are intriguing and interesting. I’m not saying spin a story or tell half-truths: simply create a description that portrays your product refreshingly and truthfully. Check out this post to Learn How To Write With Personality.

Rave Reviews
Use specific product reviews in creative ways to sell your products: directly on the product page, within an image, as a button, or otherwise. Don’t allow your reviews to fall to the wayside:

Tip #1: Place them on the specific product page

Tip #2: Add quotes of reviews underneath photos within email campaigns

Tip #3: Add quotes of reviews to the product photo and place as a link on another page – Pin this, too!

Thorough Instructions
Whether your product is a DIY, super simple, or extremely complicated – always include instructions. This not only adds to your product listing, but also creates more value coming from your company. Your customers will see that you not only know about your product, but that you know how to inform them of what they don’t know about it, too.

Recently Viewed, Pairings, You May Also Like, Others Viewed
You all know what I’m talking about, and it’s pretty clever. I’ve been known to click on suggestions just because they were there. Check out Anthropologie’s product pages:

+ Product Images – Different views, etc.
+ #YourAnthropologie – Actual people, wearing their products
+ Get The Look – What the models are wearing in the photos
+ You May Also Like – Suggestions based on the product

Try to take advantage – in a classy, non-distracting way – of advertising the products you sell, with other products in creative ways such as these.

Helpful FAQ
No matter the product, there are always questions! We hope that product descriptions and instructions will be enough, but that’s not always the case. To prevent customers from calling or bombing your inbox with the same questions, FAQ pages were created. They’re your best friend, I promise. Read this post to learn more about a great FAQ page.

Mock-Up Practice
We’re going to do a simple exercise to help get the creative juices flowing. Follow the steps below:

1. Choose one product, whether you have it up on your site or not.

2. Whether on paper or computer, list possible photo options – which you can either learn to do yourself, or hire someone to do for you. Keep in mind you’ll want product close-ups as well as model/stylized photos to show how the item can be used.

3. Write three possible descriptions. Why three? You’ll get more creative as you go, providing for the best possible description.

4. Sketch your page layout for this product. Doing the entire layout with just one product creates the base for the rest of your product pages (consistency is key, no distractions are a must!)

5. If you have reviews for that specific product, add that placeholder to your sketch.

6. Don’t forget to add a link for helpful FAQ, and either a link or area (if they can fit on the page) for instructions.

7. Last up, get creative. Brainstorm and search your favorite online stores, Pinterest and Google for ideas on how you can market your specific product in a creative way. “Get The Look” and “You May Also Like” are great starters, but you can do better.

Creating a product page is harder than it looks! Even ours is still (and always will be) a work in progress. Things are always changing online, so constantly learning and adapting is another key to success. Hopefully these tips will help you get the ball rolling on how to even begin to list your own products, or improve on what you already have up on your site. Let us know if we can help, we’re here!
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How to List Products In Your Online Store: Tips For The Best Of Us

February Glow: 6 Things We’re Radiating About This Month!

Radiant Glow: February 2015 (stuff we're radiating about this month) + Radiant Rumble Blog

The month is almost over, so you know what that means! Stuff we’ve seen, read, etc. that we love and feel like sharing. Read below for February’s Radiant Glow.

Lessons Learned from an Ebook Launch | Design Your Own Blog

Lessons Learned from an Ebook Launch
So many great tips! Sometimes the best information comes from those who have done it the hard way and learned from their experience. This goes right along with our post from yesterday, too.

Best Tax Deductions for Creative Entrepreneurs | Graphic Design Blender

Best Tax Deductions for Creative Entrepreneurs | Graphic Design Blender
For those of you (us!) that need help with taxes this season, here ya go. Great tips on write-offs you may not have considered.

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie Pancakes | Top With Cinnamon Blog

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie Pancakes | Top With Cinnamon
These look so yum – and they’re not as bad as you might think! Let us know if you make ’em, we haven’t gotten around to it yet!

Countertop DIY's | Apartment Therapy

Concrete Countertop DIY’S | Apartment Therapy
When it comes to renovations, you may not always have the ching to do what you want. That’s why we love DIY’s like this!

Set of Whale Platters | At West End

Set of 2 Whale Platters | At West End
Super cute. Enough said.

10 Time Wooden Cable Reels Became Furniture | Apartment Therapy

7 Times Wooden Cable Spools Became Furniture | Apartment Therapy
We have some spools that need a bit of TLC, but they’re pretty neat to use as furniture. This will definitely come in handy for us – and maybe even you!

Have a great Wednesday!!

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February Glow: 6 Things We’re Radiating About This Month!

Expertise Is Yours: Even You (Yes, You) Can Sell Online

Expertise Is Yours: Even You (Yes, You) Can Sell Online + Radiant Rumble Blog

Salesperson? Not me. Never thought I could do it. Having a business or a blog or clients or… selling online? Crazy. But that’s just the thing. You don’t have to start out great at this whole entrepreneur thing, it comes with time. And you don’t have to start out knowing everything there is about selling online to start selling online, either.

You don’t have to have a million products, or Twitter followers, or a ton of website traffic. You don’t even have to be great at in-person sales. I can create product information and a great pitch much easier sitting at my computer than I ever can on the fly in front of someone. Selling online is no piece of cake – there’s an art to it for sure – but for those of you that think they can’t sell anything online:

This post is for you.

Anyone can sell anything they want as long as someone will buy it. Sounds stupid, but so true. Teach? Tutorials. Design? Graphic packs. Cook? Self-published recipe books (aka, pdf’s). Speak? Webinars. Got something to say? Podcasts. Got something to give a lot of? Subscriptions.

You don’t have to be an expert on paper to be considered an actual expert. You have knowledge, know-how and common sense. What in? Where does your expertise lie? What facet of life can you pull your experiences and lessons from in order to teach others?

That’s really all that it takes. Sure, I may have a degree in my field, but I’ll be the first to admit that what I learned came from practice, which then turned into experience. It wasn’t sitting in the classroom. The education I’ve received just furthered what I already knew, and helped prepare me for what I didn’t.

Obtaining a degree may help, but in all reality the education is up to you, not the college you attend. Some of the smartest people I know don’t have degrees, yet they own businesses and are very successful. Nothing says you have to have a degree in something to teach others what you know about it.

Education is very important, guaranteed. I was always told to never stop learning. And if you’re here, you’re in the same place. Reading blog articles that others write about their expertise is learning. Watching tutorials, listening to podcasts, downloading ebooks – it’s all a form of learning. That’s the great thing about the web! You can find and learn just about anything, whether for free or for a price.

So why can’t you do it, too? All of that web-learnin’ had to come from someone, and that someone makes money somehow through those resources, whether you actually paid for them or not. There are so many options available to make money online, it’s insane. So my advice today is to take advantage of it.

Not only that, but since we’re talking about online shops this month, we also did a bit of research for you. We surfed the world wide web to find the most unique and “duh, I shoulda thought of that” options for services and products to sell from behind your computer.

Everyone has a skill or hobby, whether you’ve used it lately or not, that has the potential of being a great product or service. All it takes is one search, and you can pretty much learn how to do just about anything, whether intermediate or full-on expert, whether for free or for cash. Why not be a part of that? Not to say posting half-hearted trash is what sells, and not to say you’ll make millions, but honest extra cash never hurt anyone.

Along with the following list, we’ve also also included links to successful people and the things they sell online. Hopefully, this roundup will broaden your horizons and spark inspiration to start or expand your own online shop (click the links)!

+ Ebook

+ Digital workbook

+ Subscription service

+ eCourse

+ Seminar / Webinar / Live Class

+ Skillshare Class

+ Coach/Consult/Tutor

+ Just for an extra dose of inspiration, check out this guy.

+ And this one: 10 Places Ecommerce Entrepreneurs Go To Find Product Ideas

+ And even though it’s no longer active, this one is just like, “Seriously? Why can’t I do that?!”

Well now, if that’s not inspiration, I don’t know what is. If someone else can do it, why can’t you or I? For any tips or help with your online sales endeavors or design needs, just contact us – we’ll be happy to help!

Have a great week!

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Expertise Is Yours: Even You (Yes, You) Can Sell Online

Your Brand: Questions to Ask When Your Designer Doesn’t + Special Offer!

Your Brand: Questions to Ask When Your Designer Doesn't + Radiant Rumble Blog

Yesterday was all about your brand, and rounding things out in your mind so that you can move forward in the process of creating one for your online store. From having a purpose all the way down to your brand promise, your brand – across all platforms – must be… consistent!! In order to do this, we let you in on some key questions to ask yourself when deciding on the direction you want to take your company’s image. Today, we’re going to take that one step further:

We’re gonna give you the whole questionnaire. That’s right!

It’s no secret that a great designer asks key questions before starting the process of creating ANYTHING with a client. So below, you find our Logo Exploration Form, or, Questions to Ask When Your Designer Doesn’t.

Why are we sharing this with you?

#1: You can find these questions all over the internet. But we’ve got them all in one spot.

#2: You’ll be so relieved to find that you can answer these questions all on your own time, whether you’re in the market for a graphic designer, or not. Plus, when you are, you’ll be able to impress them with these questions already answered.

#3: You know that you’re getting great information from someone that knows what they are doing.

#4: We hope you’ll come back to the blog, and share with your friends.

#5: We like helping people, and this is one way we know that we can. Simple as that.


Before we reveal the questions, we’re going to give you a change at a special offer. Never before have we done this, but we feel it’s necessary to help you make the leap to a new, amazing, cohesive, consistent BRAND. This offer is only available by a first-come-first-served basis. There are limited spots available. Here’s how it works:

#1. You are in need of either a: A) New Brand or B) Brand Overhaul + #2. You copy and email the completed questions to us = You will receive 50% off your New Brand or Brand Overhaul with Radiant Rose Creates.

How about that equation!

Now, get on it. We’ll be waiting for your email! **Remember, this offer is limited**

Brand Exploration Form from Radiant Rose Creates
Brand Exploration Form Company name? (Give full, correctly spelled and spaced company name, as you want it to appear on your logo)

Tag line?

Describe your services / products:

What are your company goals?

Why do you want a new logo / what do you want it to accomplish?

Who are your main competitors? (Include website(s) if available)

How are you different from your competitors?

Who will your brand attract (target market)?

What do they value?

What are their needs (that you/your business can fulfill)?

What is their perception of you/your business (convenient, innovative, trendy, helpful, quick, etc.)?

List 3-5 words your brand should exemplify:

What is your brand’s purpose?

What is your brand’s story?

What core values drive your brand?

What are your differentiators?

What is your brand “promise”?

What feeling or message do you want your logo to convey?

How do you prefer your logo to be worded/written out? (Image only, image w/ name & tagline, etc.)

Do you have any specific imagery in mind for your logo?

Color preferences or existing brand colors?

Colors you do NOT want to use?

Typography choice? (Bold, script, dainty, etc.)



Do you want additional services to be packaged with your new logo? (Business cards, stationary, etc.)

What logos appeal to you, and why? (Email examples to create@radiantrosecreates.com, send Pins, etc.)

How would you define a successful outcome for this project?

Have fun!

Your Brand: Questions to Ask When Your Designer Doesn’t + Special Offer!

Creating A Brand For Your Online Store + 10 Questions to Ask Yourself

Creating A Brand For Your Online Store + 10 Questions to Ask Yourself + Radiant Rumble Blog

Apple. Coke. Caterpillar. Heinz. KitchenAid. Lego. Shell. Starbucks.

What comes to mind… first? It’s not the machinery, amazing appliances, or taste. Sure, those eventually arise, but in all reality, what’s the first phrase or image that comes up before the product itself? The sleek apple, the iconic red script, the bright yellow and red shell… then the taste, the smell, the look, the feeling. And that’s exactly where the they want you.

The psychology behind why the largest companies do what they do comes down to one simple word: brand. And they sell it to you, to me, to the world – if only for a second, or for a hundred years. Why is Disney so successful? It’s not because of the television shows or the theme parks. It’s that “Magical Experience”. Companies behind brands have spent millions to figure out that consumers not only want to be sold a great product at an amazing value, but consumers want to be sold an experience.

Say you have a great product at an amazing value. Or you don’t. Either way, you want to open an online store that sells to the consumer, and sells well. How do you begin to do that? How does a website gain traction, traffic, and earn an income? The first step comes in the form of your brand. From the logo, to the color, to the typeface to the verbiage, it all has to be consistent, inviting, and create a feeling within your consumer. Whatever that feeling may be, you get to decide, but it must coincide with your brand standards and vision.

What are your brand standards and vision? What are you trying to achieve with your brand? What’s the meaning behind the purpose? If what you want for your brand isn’t heard, felt, or seen by others, there’s something wrong. Not only will your brand fail (your company is another story, we’re just talking about image here) but there will be a disconnect between you and your clients, as well as you and your employees.

So, let’s take a moment to break some things down. In order to strive for brand awareness, your brand must…

Have A Purpose
Why use that color, or that font, or those graphics? Branding is all about providing an image to the name for your customers. Why do you think that check mark comes to mind when you think of Nike? Or their infamous slogan, “Just Do It”? It’s not because the image or the slogan is anything special on their own; it’s because the Nike brand as a whole has made it special – through word and deed. Give everything (through word and deed) a consistent purpose, and you’ll soon find things coinciding and colliding to create a strong brand for your audience.

Use YOU To Your Advantage
What makes you and your company unique? Capitalize on it. Even if your company isn’t named after you, you’re still the head honcho, and your passion, if nothing else, should show through. Take Tom’s shoes, for example. Their main focus isn’t selling shoes, it is their One for One program: You buy a pair, they give a pair. Simple as that. On top of being unique in product (yes, there are copycats), they’re also unique in promotion and business model. You may not be in the market to give your products away, but you get the idea.

Follow The Process
You can’t expect to wake up one day and have it all figured out. When creating your brand, there is a process to go through to help you decide what to do next. From brainstorming, to visualizations, to slogans, to the background story, it all has to come together to make one clear and cohesive brand. Without the process, you’ll end up doing this backwards and side-to-side, until you – much less your audience – don’t even understand your own brand. What’s this so-called process? At Radiant Rose we have a handy-dandy List of Questions. That’s right! Nothing too complicated, nothing too hard, just a simple Q & A session we have with our clients to get their minds working before we get one step into the process. This helps us help you. Sometimes the client doesn’t always know what they want, so our job is to get it out of them! To get the ball rolling for you, we’ve listed some of our best. Read below for questions to ask yourself when creating your brand:

1. Who will your brand attract (both customers and employees)?

2. What do they value?

3. What are their needs? (That you/your business can fulfill)

4. What is their perception of you/your business? (Convenient, innovative, trendy, helpful, quick, etc.)

5. List 3-5 words you want your brand to exemplify. (What is it’s “personality”?)

6. What is your brand’s purpose (this could also be your tagline)?

7. What is your brand story?

8. What core values drive your brand?

9. What is/are your differentiators?

10. What is your brand “promise”?

Are you able to answer all of those? If not, we can help. If so, we can also help with that. Give us a ring; we’d love to start branding your company from the inside out.

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Creating A Brand For Your Online Store + 10 Questions to Ask Yourself

Just Sharin’: 5 Pretty Shops We Love

Just Sharin' 5 Pretty Shops We Love + Radiant Rumble Blog

Shopping is so much fun! Especially online shopping… it’s easier (especially around the holidays), less hassle, you don’t even have to get out of bed (if you don’t want to, that is!), and you can find things you never would at a store! So we definitely have a list of online stores we like… and it could go on forever… but since we talked about online shop stuff yesterday, we just wanted to share the top 5 shops that we thought fit well with yesterday’s tips.

For recipes and cookware, we love Food52. May not be new to you, but their stuff is cute, and their set-up is cuter. Take a look at their descriptions: Details, Source, Care & Notes, Shipping… they leave nothing out. Which is definitely something lacking with some online stores. Remember that the shopper can’t actually hold it in their hand, so high detail (a story, too!) is a must.

A slightly new shop, the Oakland Glass Co., is for the gardener at heart. From their simplistic designs to the way its carried into everything they do – their website, their social accounts, etc. – they’ve got the branding effect completely under control, and look to be doing it just right for their audience.

One local shop that caught our attention in OKC is JL Woodworx & Design. Maybe it’s that my husband and I are rustic and woodsy, but we think everyone has to think their products are super cool. Don’t forget to check out their Facebook page for photos of recent custom work; they can create neat stuff out of restored wood!

From lighting to decor, we just love to look at the things from Restoration Hardware. This site exemplifies what it means to successfully have a lot of product in one spot. Simple menu, simple design, no frills: just navigate and buy. Sometimes everyone needs a bit of de-cluttering.

For fun decor, style and shoes, visit HomeMint (ShoeMint and StyleMint, too!). Items that are Pinnable are going to win the vote every time (at least for now). It may change soon, but people really want to look at something pretty: photos, design, description, the shopping cart, the whole shabang.

Take notes! You’ll have homework next week… kidding! But seriously, these are great examples of what it looks like to have an online store that’s true to your brand and that brings you the business you need from the audience you want.

Share this! It may help someone else out there – even if it didn’t completely pertain to you. Thanks for reading!!

Just Sharin’: 5 Pretty Shops We Love

The Best Online Shop Tips: Beginner’s Guide

The Best Online Shop Tips: Beginner's Guide + Radiant Rumble Blog

Etsy, Ebay, Amazon, Creative Market, this and that – it’s all great, but what about creating your own look for your own shop on your own platform? How in the world do you even begin to do that? Not that other platforms are a bad thing; however, promoting traffic to your own site FIRST should be a priority. The other platforms may serve your business well, but what happens when they decide to go down the tube? What’s your backup plan? If your ultimate goal is to earn a living through your online store, your first plan should always be to have your products hosted on your own site.

With that said, this post isn’t about what to use or not to use; this post is about what to do with your store once the domain is bought and the set-up is in tow. How should you list things? How often? What about branding? Adding more products in the future? Below are some things for beginners to strive for when creating their online store. (P.S. If you already have your store set up, or feel like you’re a pro in need of a refresh, it’s never to late to switch things up a bit!)

+ Strive for brand awareness
Include your logo on everything you post for purchase or otherwise (photos, graphics, etc.); think, “Is this Pinnable?” Within the description of your products, include your brand keywords (for example, at Radiant Rose and Radiant Rumble, we use the words “radiant” and “valuable”). This provides for visual brand repetition via image and text. When it’s read, heard, searched for, or Pinned, your brand will come to mind.

+ Strive for consistency
Everything needs to look the same and in place. Haphazard photos, misplacement of pricing, etc., causes confusion and frustration. Seems like a super simple tip, but you’d be surprised at how many product pages look like a child got a hold of them! Along with brand awareness, consistency is key.

+ Strive for activity
Don’t be stagnant. Even if you don’t have any products to add, consistently (it’s that word again!) sending emails, and posting to your blog and social media puts you in the front of your customer’s minds – even when you don’t have any new product to offer.

+ Strive for the niche
You’re not going to please everyone, which is why a huge amount of businesses can compete within the same field: they all provide a different area of expertise. Your goal for your online shop is to find that group that loves and will purchase your product – and serve them well. Be really great in your area of the field. Expansion is also something to strive for, but within your niche, and all in due time.

+ Strive for timing
Adding products all at once could mean the difference in a sale. Try to add products a few at a time, then focus on promoting those, and move on to the next few. This will allow for time to get the word out for each product without overwhelming your shoppers. You’ll also have something to talk about in a steady stream, instead of random talk you have to muster up because you’ve mentioned every product in one post.

+ Strive for SEO
That scary word. Ya know, it’s not all that bad. And once you understand it, it’s actually a whole lotta fun. All it really means is to think of what others may search for when looking for your product, and use those terms within the title and the body of your product information. Example: You’re selling pumpkins, so you have them as “Round Orange Vegetables for Sale.” Okay… extreme, but legit. If you want to get creative, great, but use something more like “Beautiful, Bright Orange Pumpkins for Sale”. That way you’ve got a differentiator (beautiful, bright, orange) along with the common term people would search for (pumpkins).

+ Strive for the right additions
More product doesn’t always mean more sales, but more of the right product could. Adding things that don’t make any sense for your store could create confusion or unnecessary product overload (for you and your customers!), so make certain any item added to your store abides by the above “rules”. (Again, keep it consistent!)

Online stores can feel like some huge hurdle to get over (believe me, I know!), but really, it’s just like anything else. If you have the product and production, getting it up on site is like a piece of cake. Hopefully, this post will not only help you in perfecting your store (or ideas of one), but will also motivate you to get moving on it!

When your new store is up and running, give us a shout – we’d love to see it!

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The Best Online Shop Tips: Beginner’s Guide