The Best Online Shop Tips: Beginner’s Guide

The Best Online Shop Tips: Beginner's Guide + Radiant Rumble Blog

Etsy, Ebay, Amazon, Creative Market, this and that – it’s all great, but what about creating your own look for your own shop on your own platform? How in the world do you even begin to do that? Not that other platforms are a bad thing; however, promoting traffic to your own site FIRST should be a priority. The other platforms may serve your business well, but what happens when they decide to go down the tube? What’s your backup plan? If your ultimate goal is to earn a living through your online store, your first plan should always be to have your products hosted on your own site.

With that said, this post isn’t about what to use or not to use; this post is about what to do with your store once the domain is bought and the set-up is in tow. How should you list things? How often? What about branding? Adding more products in the future? Below are some things for beginners to strive for when creating their online store. (P.S. If you already have your store set up, or feel like you’re a pro in need of a refresh, it’s never to late to switch things up a bit!)

+ Strive for brand awareness
Include your logo on everything you post for purchase or otherwise (photos, graphics, etc.); think, “Is this Pinnable?” Within the description of your products, include your brand keywords (for example, at Radiant Rose and Radiant Rumble, we use the words “radiant” and “valuable”). This provides for visual brand repetition via image and text. When it’s read, heard, searched for, or Pinned, your brand will come to mind.

+ Strive for consistency
Everything needs to look the same and in place. Haphazard photos, misplacement of pricing, etc., causes confusion and frustration. Seems like a super simple tip, but you’d be surprised at how many product pages look like a child got a hold of them! Along with brand awareness, consistency is key.

+ Strive for activity
Don’t be stagnant. Even if you don’t have any products to add, consistently (it’s that word again!) sending emails, and posting to your blog and social media puts you in the front of your customer’s minds – even when you don’t have any new product to offer.

+ Strive for the niche
You’re not going to please everyone, which is why a huge amount of businesses can compete within the same field: they all provide a different area of expertise. Your goal for your online shop is to find that group that loves and will purchase your product – and serve them well. Be really great in your area of the field. Expansion is also something to strive for, but within your niche, and all in due time.

+ Strive for timing
Adding products all at once could mean the difference in a sale. Try to add products a few at a time, then focus on promoting those, and move on to the next few. This will allow for time to get the word out for each product without overwhelming your shoppers. You’ll also have something to talk about in a steady stream, instead of random talk you have to muster up because you’ve mentioned every product in one post.

+ Strive for SEO
That scary word. Ya know, it’s not all that bad. And once you understand it, it’s actually a whole lotta fun. All it really means is to think of what others may search for when looking for your product, and use those terms within the title and the body of your product information. Example: You’re selling pumpkins, so you have them as “Round Orange Vegetables for Sale.” Okay… extreme, but legit. If you want to get creative, great, but use something more like “Beautiful, Bright Orange Pumpkins for Sale”. That way you’ve got a differentiator (beautiful, bright, orange) along with the common term people would search for (pumpkins).

+ Strive for the right additions
More product doesn’t always mean more sales, but more of the right product could. Adding things that don’t make any sense for your store could create confusion or unnecessary product overload (for you and your customers!), so make certain any item added to your store abides by the above “rules”. (Again, keep it consistent!)

Online stores can feel like some huge hurdle to get over (believe me, I know!), but really, it’s just like anything else. If you have the product and production, getting it up on site is like a piece of cake. Hopefully, this post will not only help you in perfecting your store (or ideas of one), but will also motivate you to get moving on it!

When your new store is up and running, give us a shout – we’d love to see it!

Like, share, follow… thanks, as always!

The Best Online Shop Tips: Beginner’s Guide

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