Just Sharin’: 5 Pretty Shops We Love

Just Sharin' 5 Pretty Shops We Love + Radiant Rumble Blog

Shopping is so much fun! Especially online shopping… it’s easier (especially around the holidays), less hassle, you don’t even have to get out of bed (if you don’t want to, that is!), and you can find things you never would at a store! So we definitely have a list of online stores we like… and it could go on forever… but since we talked about online shop stuff yesterday, we just wanted to share the top 5 shops that we thought fit well with yesterday’s tips.

For recipes and cookware, we love Food52. May not be new to you, but their stuff is cute, and their set-up is cuter. Take a look at their descriptions: Details, Source, Care & Notes, Shipping… they leave nothing out. Which is definitely something lacking with some online stores. Remember that the shopper can’t actually hold it in their hand, so high detail (a story, too!) is a must.

A slightly new shop, the Oakland Glass Co., is for the gardener at heart. From their simplistic designs to the way its carried into everything they do – their website, their social accounts, etc. – they’ve got the branding effect completely under control, and look to be doing it just right for their audience.

One local shop that caught our attention in OKC is JL Woodworx & Design. Maybe it’s that my husband and I are rustic and woodsy, but we think everyone has to think their products are super cool. Don’t forget to check out their Facebook page for photos of recent custom work; they can create neat stuff out of restored wood!

From lighting to decor, we just love to look at the things from Restoration Hardware. This site exemplifies what it means to successfully have a lot of product in one spot. Simple menu, simple design, no frills: just navigate and buy. Sometimes everyone needs a bit of de-cluttering.

For fun decor, style and shoes, visit HomeMint (ShoeMint and StyleMint, too!). Items that are Pinnable are going to win the vote every time (at least for now). It may change soon, but people really want to look at something pretty: photos, design, description, the shopping cart, the whole shabang.

Take notes! You’ll have homework next week… kidding! But seriously, these are great examples of what it looks like to have an online store that’s true to your brand and that brings you the business you need from the audience you want.

Share this! It may help someone else out there – even if it didn’t completely pertain to you. Thanks for reading!!

Just Sharin’: 5 Pretty Shops We Love

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