Creating A Brand For Your Online Store + 10 Questions to Ask Yourself

Creating A Brand For Your Online Store + 10 Questions to Ask Yourself + Radiant Rumble Blog

Apple. Coke. Caterpillar. Heinz. KitchenAid. Lego. Shell. Starbucks.

What comes to mind… first? It’s not the machinery, amazing appliances, or taste. Sure, those eventually arise, but in all reality, what’s the first phrase or image that comes up before the product itself? The sleek apple, the iconic red script, the bright yellow and red shell… then the taste, the smell, the look, the feeling. And that’s exactly where the they want you.

The psychology behind why the largest companies do what they do comes down to one simple word: brand. And they sell it to you, to me, to the world – if only for a second, or for a hundred years. Why is Disney so successful? It’s not because of the television shows or the theme parks. It’s that “Magical Experience”. Companies behind brands have spent millions to figure out that consumers not only want to be sold a great product at an amazing value, but consumers want to be sold an experience.

Say you have a great product at an amazing value. Or you don’t. Either way, you want to open an online store that sells to the consumer, and sells well. How do you begin to do that? How does a website gain traction, traffic, and earn an income? The first step comes in the form of your brand. From the logo, to the color, to the typeface to the verbiage, it all has to be consistent, inviting, and create a feeling within your consumer. Whatever that feeling may be, you get to decide, but it must coincide with your brand standards and vision.

What are your brand standards and vision? What are you trying to achieve with your brand? What’s the meaning behind the purpose? If what you want for your brand isn’t heard, felt, or seen by others, there’s something wrong. Not only will your brand fail (your company is another story, we’re just talking about image here) but there will be a disconnect between you and your clients, as well as you and your employees.

So, let’s take a moment to break some things down. In order to strive for brand awareness, your brand must…

Have A Purpose
Why use that color, or that font, or those graphics? Branding is all about providing an image to the name for your customers. Why do you think that check mark comes to mind when you think of Nike? Or their infamous slogan, “Just Do It”? It’s not because the image or the slogan is anything special on their own; it’s because the Nike brand as a whole has made it special – through word and deed. Give everything (through word and deed) a consistent purpose, and you’ll soon find things coinciding and colliding to create a strong brand for your audience.

Use YOU To Your Advantage
What makes you and your company unique? Capitalize on it. Even if your company isn’t named after you, you’re still the head honcho, and your passion, if nothing else, should show through. Take Tom’s shoes, for example. Their main focus isn’t selling shoes, it is their One for One program: You buy a pair, they give a pair. Simple as that. On top of being unique in product (yes, there are copycats), they’re also unique in promotion and business model. You may not be in the market to give your products away, but you get the idea.

Follow The Process
You can’t expect to wake up one day and have it all figured out. When creating your brand, there is a process to go through to help you decide what to do next. From brainstorming, to visualizations, to slogans, to the background story, it all has to come together to make one clear and cohesive brand. Without the process, you’ll end up doing this backwards and side-to-side, until you – much less your audience – don’t even understand your own brand. What’s this so-called process? At Radiant Rose we have a handy-dandy List of Questions. That’s right! Nothing too complicated, nothing too hard, just a simple Q & A session we have with our clients to get their minds working before we get one step into the process. This helps us help you. Sometimes the client doesn’t always know what they want, so our job is to get it out of them! To get the ball rolling for you, we’ve listed some of our best. Read below for questions to ask yourself when creating your brand:

1. Who will your brand attract (both customers and employees)?

2. What do they value?

3. What are their needs? (That you/your business can fulfill)

4. What is their perception of you/your business? (Convenient, innovative, trendy, helpful, quick, etc.)

5. List 3-5 words you want your brand to exemplify. (What is it’s “personality”?)

6. What is your brand’s purpose (this could also be your tagline)?

7. What is your brand story?

8. What core values drive your brand?

9. What is/are your differentiators?

10. What is your brand “promise”?

Are you able to answer all of those? If not, we can help. If so, we can also help with that. Give us a ring; we’d love to start branding your company from the inside out.

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Creating A Brand For Your Online Store + 10 Questions to Ask Yourself

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