How to List Products In Your Online Store: Tips For The Best Of Us

How To List Products In Your Online Store: Tips For The Best Of Us + Radiant Rumble Blog

When it comes to listing products on your own site, there’s not much out there in the way of free resources to help guide you into the world of the unknown. Sure, there are tips on how to list via Google Ads, or tips on how to create product photos, or even tips on great FAQ pages. But there’s really not a whole lot that says, “Here, this is how you should list your products on your site, just follow these steps to get started.”

That’s why we decided to go ahead and do it ourselves!

We have enough experience with design to know that a great product page isn’t easy, but it definitely can be done with the right set of tools. Most of those tools are stored inside your brain; we’re just going to dig them out a bit today. You can certainly adapt this list to fit your own needs, we just wanted to take the chance to be one of the few to cover the subject in its general form.

If you’re completely new at this, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re not, a refresher is always nice – plus, you may find out new ways of doing things! Don’t stress over getting everything perfect… Our store has been revised twice now, and that’s just because we are always learning about and adapting to our audience. We want to help you do the same, in this simple, easy to follow format. There’s even a practice exercise at the bottom, so don’t hesitate to try that out…

No Distractions (Page Layout and Otherwise)
Ads, pop-ups, buttons, links, etc. etc. etc…. Terrible. Just don’t do it. Even if it’s your own. Statistically speaking, the more distractions, the less that gets done. If you do the work to get the customer from the search engine, Facebook ad, or Pinterest Pin (or whatever) to your website to buy the product, WHY distract potential clients with other junk? All it does is either distract them from purchasing altogether (prolonging the shopping process) or annoy them (causing them the leave).

Attractive Photos
It’s no secret the world likes pretty things. One reason to learn to take amazing photographs (or hire an amazing photographer) is to showcase your products in the best light possible (really). Check out The Artful Desperado for picture inspiration, then head on over to Pinterest and search “Product Photography Tips”. There were just too many good ones to link them all!

Interesting Descriptions
You want your item to sell, right? Brainstorm, use the dictionary and thesaurus to find words that are intriguing and interesting. I’m not saying spin a story or tell half-truths: simply create a description that portrays your product refreshingly and truthfully. Check out this post to Learn How To Write With Personality.

Rave Reviews
Use specific product reviews in creative ways to sell your products: directly on the product page, within an image, as a button, or otherwise. Don’t allow your reviews to fall to the wayside:

Tip #1: Place them on the specific product page

Tip #2: Add quotes of reviews underneath photos within email campaigns

Tip #3: Add quotes of reviews to the product photo and place as a link on another page – Pin this, too!

Thorough Instructions
Whether your product is a DIY, super simple, or extremely complicated – always include instructions. This not only adds to your product listing, but also creates more value coming from your company. Your customers will see that you not only know about your product, but that you know how to inform them of what they don’t know about it, too.

Recently Viewed, Pairings, You May Also Like, Others Viewed
You all know what I’m talking about, and it’s pretty clever. I’ve been known to click on suggestions just because they were there. Check out Anthropologie’s product pages:

+ Product Images – Different views, etc.
+ #YourAnthropologie – Actual people, wearing their products
+ Get The Look – What the models are wearing in the photos
+ You May Also Like – Suggestions based on the product

Try to take advantage – in a classy, non-distracting way – of advertising the products you sell, with other products in creative ways such as these.

Helpful FAQ
No matter the product, there are always questions! We hope that product descriptions and instructions will be enough, but that’s not always the case. To prevent customers from calling or bombing your inbox with the same questions, FAQ pages were created. They’re your best friend, I promise. Read this post to learn more about a great FAQ page.

Mock-Up Practice
We’re going to do a simple exercise to help get the creative juices flowing. Follow the steps below:

1. Choose one product, whether you have it up on your site or not.

2. Whether on paper or computer, list possible photo options – which you can either learn to do yourself, or hire someone to do for you. Keep in mind you’ll want product close-ups as well as model/stylized photos to show how the item can be used.

3. Write three possible descriptions. Why three? You’ll get more creative as you go, providing for the best possible description.

4. Sketch your page layout for this product. Doing the entire layout with just one product creates the base for the rest of your product pages (consistency is key, no distractions are a must!)

5. If you have reviews for that specific product, add that placeholder to your sketch.

6. Don’t forget to add a link for helpful FAQ, and either a link or area (if they can fit on the page) for instructions.

7. Last up, get creative. Brainstorm and search your favorite online stores, Pinterest and Google for ideas on how you can market your specific product in a creative way. “Get The Look” and “You May Also Like” are great starters, but you can do better.

Creating a product page is harder than it looks! Even ours is still (and always will be) a work in progress. Things are always changing online, so constantly learning and adapting is another key to success. Hopefully these tips will help you get the ball rolling on how to even begin to list your own products, or improve on what you already have up on your site. Let us know if we can help, we’re here!
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How to List Products In Your Online Store: Tips For The Best Of Us

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