Productive Things to Try Out During the Month of June


Welcome to the last post of the #ProductivityMay series! It’s been great sharing my habits and learning how to form new ones. As a last “hoorah” for this series, I wanted to lay out everything we’ve talked about in one spot, and also include some extra posts from other productivity sources.

Let’s jump right in!

See below for the list of Productive Things to Try Out During the Month of June (I know it’s still a few more days away, so you certainly don’t have to wait until then!!)


build a work environment that promotes creative productivity + radiant rumble blog#productivitymay + radiant rumble blog

#productivitymay + radiant rumble blog


#productivitymay + radiant rumble blog

#productivitymay + radiant rumble blog

#productivitymay + radiant rumble blog


9 Ways to Produce a Productive Workflow

#productivitymay + radiant rumble blog

#productivitymay + radiant rumble blog


#productivitymay + radiant rumble blog#productivitymay + radiant rumble blog#productivitymay + radiant rumble blog

And just for fun, since we talked about Creative Productivity,
here’s How to Get Your Ideas to Spread

#productivitymay + radiant rumble blog

Happy reading, watching and learning!

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Productive Things to Try Out During the Month of June

Let the Productivity Flow: Motivational Quotes to Kick Us Into Gear

Let the Productivity Flow: Motivational Quotes to Kick Us Into Gear + Radiant Rumble Blog

Since we’ve been talking about creative productivity (last week’s post), I’ve decided we need a bit of motivation to kick OUR butts into gear, and by that I mean what I like to reference when I need to crack the ‘ol whip (I’m only one that does that, seeing as how Radiant Rumble is a one woman show and all…)

I can make all the grandeur plans and try to vary very much; but if I don’t have motivation, then I’m doomed.

Of course there’s my ultimate motivation and purpose, which is to help people and to work for myself, but we all have those – and it definitely keeps the fire going!! But what about when you’re in the moment, day to day, and you just feel BLAH?

That, my friend, is where daily motivation comes in handy.

It’s all a battle of the mind, really, because when you want something, that’s usually motivation enough.

It’s when you spend hours, days, weeks – even years – building whatever it is you’re building that it can get stale, tiring and, frankly, motivation-less. Productivity falters. Your reasons seem like not reason enough.

Sometimes we all need a little something to get us through that moment where we forget our overall goals and purpose. Something to get us back on track.

That’s where the following pretty pictures come in. And of course, since we’re here, I’ll share my two cents about them and how they have helped me in the past. If you don’t get anything out of this but one thing, let that one thing be to save these images, and let them inspire you when you need them most – even if it’s not right now.

what you want is out there. go for it. + radiant rumble blog

When I found this quote I HAD to print it out, and not just because it’s spelled out overlaying a pretty wavy beach photo (I love the beach)… It’s just so true! I’ve carried this little 3″x3″ piece of paper around for the better part of two years, because I can’t let go of what it means. Number one, I believe it. What I want is out there. And number two, it makes me ask, “Why CAN’T I go get it?? Why can’t I run my own business? Why can’t I work for myself? Why can’t I (emphasis on “I”) do that?!”

Other people are doing it successfully.

So why can’t I?

Why can’t you?

We have to at least try. (click to tweet)

if you can't stop thinking about it, don't stop working for it + radiant rumble blog
I want to make this work. I want to build my own thing instead of building someone else’s. I want to be successful. The thought of giving it all up is just stupid to me. So I can’t stop thinking about it. Might as well not stop working for it.

I want to inspire people. I want people to look at me and say,

I want to help people. I want to get people to say they don’t give up because they’ve learned why they do what they do and why they are motivated to keep going. I want them to think more than enough of themselves to know that they can do the hard, dirty work that they are completely capable of – and be a success at it, too. I DO want to inspire people.

don't be afraid to fail, be afraid not to try + radiant rumble blogAnother one similar to that is the “You’ll only regret the workout you DIDN’T do”, and “In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take”. In this case, it’s so true. I mean, you can’t say, “You only regret the coffee you didn’t drink” (or can you?), or “You’ll only regret the projects you didn’t take on” (this can be both true and false depending on the case)… You get the idea. Be afraid not to try. Be afraid not to do something for the betterment of you, those around you, your goals, your business, etc. etc etc.

Be afraid not to take the jump. Don’t ever be afraid to fail.

Of course you don’t want to fail… who wants to fail? But if you in fact do “fail” (there are so many meanings of that word), remember that failing promotes character and forges the way to better ____________ (see above to fill in the blank) and more!

challenge yourself + radiant rumble blog

This is my ultimate go-to for working out. No joke. It just resonates with me. And lately I’ve been using it for upcoming projects, products, services and business in general. I’ve learned that I need to challenge myself, and you probably do, too.

I’m more excited about my work when I’m challenged, even if it is stressful and frustrating. Sure it may sound hard, and it may actually be hard, but really, a challenge is just a hurdle to get over – and once you do, you’re glad you faced and conquered “the challenge”.

So I challenge you now, to challenge yourself. Think about something you’ve been putting off, pushing back, putting away, skipping over – and CHALLENGE YOURSELF to do it now. You’ll only regret the challenges you don’t face. (click to tweet)

everlasting God Isaiah 40:28-30 + radiant rumble blog

“Do you not know? Have you not heard? The Lord is the everlasting God, the creator of the ends of the earth. He will not grow tired or weary, and His understanding no one can fathom. He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. Even youths grow tired and weary, young men stumble and fall; but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.”

The ultimate solution to any motivational issue is Christ. He provides all the reason we will ever need. You purpose in life is in His hands. Committing that to Him definitely moves you up on the motivational scale. He will cause you to flourish in the most demotivating of times.

Productivity and motivation kind of go hand-in-hand. You can’t really be productive without motivation. And you can’t have motivation yet be unproductive. It’s always easier said than done, so don’t forget to Pin these pretty quotes for later use… they really do come in handy!!

Let me know how your #MayProductivity efforts are going!! I’m pretty motivated after this posting, so I think I’ll get to work…

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Let the Productivity Flow: Motivational Quotes to Kick Us Into Gear

Build a Work Environment that Promotes Creative Productivity

Build a Work Environment that Promotes Creative Productivity + Radiant Rumble Blog

Productivity isn’t always about lists and plans and schedules. Sometimes it’s great to be able to try something new, something different, something fun. It’s not enough to be a stick-to-your-guns planner and a devoted note-taker. You also have to be a “throw-everything-out-the-window-er” for a day. (Yeah, that’s a thing…)

So, here’s a few things that may help you get outta the box when it comes to plain Jane, boring ‘ol productivity:

Do It Like FB
Take Asana or Facebook, for example. They have “No-Meeting Wednesdays”, wherein employees do just that: There are no meetings on Wednesdays (it may be another day, even, but you get the idea). Of course, there are exceptions to the rule due to emergencies; however, consistently hosting No-Meeting Wednesdays provides valuable time for “making” rather than “meeting”. Sometimes all it takes is the K.I.S.S. method to remove the road block for free passage to getting things done.

I’m actually tempted to use this approach throughout the week, but with things such as “No Email Thursday” or “No Phone Call Friday” (haha, I wish). But seriously, how about an “Idea Brunch” with friends or a “New Products Focus Day” with co-workers… the list could go on. I’ve come to realize that it doesn’t matter how much you plan and schedule productive time unless you also schedule time to be free to do something creative.

Get a Makeover Like T+L
I recently received the latest Travel + Leisure magazine, and it’s all about Europe. One reason I like T+L is because I get to *actually* see and learn about places, Europe included, from my very own home, even though I’ve never been. (Of course it would not compare to the actual viewing of said places in person, however, I’ll take what I can get!!)

When this issue arrived, not only was I excited about the pretty pictures and decadent food I’d come to expect within its pages, I also noticed T+L recently went under the microscope. With a fresh look, an eye for modernism and a better user experience online (and within the pages, I’ll add), they are on their way to appealing to a larger audience – and they managed to come out looking even better than they did before. I’d be interested to see what the new T+L office environment looks like. They must have days where they throw caution to the wind and unwind, causing creative productivity to flow wildly.

Cross-Pollinate. Yes.
Since I only work with myself at Radiant Rumble, I can’t produce the following exercise; however, you may be in a position to play it out. Consider hosting a “cross-polination” workshop within your corporate office – or even with yourself and your clients (Just kidding… I guess I can take advantage of this since I do have clients!) – where you get to know the roles of others and vise versa. It’s really easy to get trapped into being productive only for yourself. But when you bring in those around you, and create ways to be productive for them, that could be where the productivity starts to explode. Suddenly you’re working for the greater good of others and the company as a whole, and you get to benefit from it all in job and in character. Win-win.

Vary Very Much
It’s completely amazing how a re-arrangement or a bit more sunlight can brighten your day. I don’t always, but I do try to move things around even just within my workspace to keep it fresh and exciting. Now that I think of it, everything is due for a change-up… I should probably do that this weekend! If I allow everything to sit and accumulate, it gets boring and can really suck the fun out of my workday – without me even noticing. It can get pretty drab when that happens! Maybe starting an “Off-Site Meeting Friday” is in order? (Even if it is just with myself!)

That’s Just Crazy
If that’s not enough, just get crazy creative. Which, actually, I would recommend doing anyway. Then again, maybe all it takes is dressing in a Hawaiian shirt and putting a smile on

#Try something different, even if you don’t think it will work. (Click to Tweet)

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Build a Work Environment that Promotes Creative Productivity

9 Ways to Produce A Productive Workflow

9 Ways to Produce a Productive Workflow + Radiant Rumble Blog

Just about every day, I have these grandeur plans of plowing through my work load and taking over the world. I always get myself to think, “I’m going to get a LOT done today. A LOT.” And then the day passes, and by the time I realize it’s time to make dinner, I’ve only gotten three things done on my to-do list of 27.

I know you all know what I’m talking about.

Those plans can be so deceiving when you merely think you’ll get all of these things done rather than have a plan to accomplish them.

See what I did there?

I think instead of plan and write it down.

Almost every time I don’t plan ahead, I get off track. Almost every time I don’t put something down in concrete, I create havoc for myself.

That, in the end, always shows me that a schedule, plans and lists are my best friend.

And hopefully, I’m here to show you that they may be yours, too.

For the month of May, we’re going to talk all about productivity. My last post was a nice lead-in for this one, so if you haven’t read it, you may want to!!

For this week, we will be talking about creating a productive workflow. It’s not always easy, and it’s hard to do ahead of time, however, putting some sort of routine and a bit of rules into place for yourself can be more rewarding than not.

For example, I’m definitely NOT a morning person. If I did what I truly wanted, I would wake up at 9am every morning. BUT, past experience tells me that I am much, much more productive in the morning. By simply getting up early (around 6:30am, if you must know), I already feel like I’ve gotten a jump on the day – even if I haven’t accomplished a thing by 9am but feeding my face with breakfast. Having a plan or routine and following it makes me feel like I have more day, more time, and more opportunity to get more done. Do I ever sleep past 7am? Every single weekend I can!! I just know myself well enough to know that waking up early during a work week can effect my whole day, work flow, and, therefore, productivity level.

Beyond the waking routine (brush teeth, coffee, breakfast, etc.), one of the first things I do is check my email. I don’t know about your inbox, but mine never ends! And I’ve come to realize that as a problem. There is no possible way to check every single email every day and still get work done. I may open my inbox to check one email, but then I get completely sidetracked by that sale or headline or follow notification. An hour and ten emails later, I realize how much time has passed. It’s insane. Does this sound familiar? I know we’ve all heard it a million times, but it wasn’t until I acted on the advice of others until I found sanity. I use Gmail, which gives me the ability to mark certain emails “important” so that I only look at those emails (at least most of the time) during work hours. This creates less distractions and less wasted time. All of the other “unimportant” emails can wait until a break or the evening, if I even want to go there then. I’m sure your preferred email provider supplies some variation of this system if you don’t use Gmail, so I recommend taking a crack at its usefulness. It’s not fool-proof, but it does create a much needed barrier between the two insanities.

Next up, you’ll want to get inspired or learn something. This can sound really minuscule or like such a time waster, but seriously, hear me out. I find that if I’m able to read something fun or educational that relates to what I’m working on, I have more motivation to keep going. It even sparks some creativity, and could help guide the project or task for the better. But, I’m also careful not to click too much… I could spend an hour wasting time if I’m not careful!! It’s so easy to get off track, which is why I love lists and schedules. I’m much more likely to stay on track – and get back on track quicker – with a list of To-Do’s in front of me.

Another great part of a productive workflow is management. All of the items in this post are all about management, but I’m more talking about the overall day. Sometimes things need to be switched up during the day in order to make way for the unexpected – such as going out for a business lunch or making way for a new idea that popped into your head. Just be conscious of managing your day (whether leaving the office or sitting at your desk with your phone buzzing off the hook) like you manage your work flow: Make time and room, but don’t let those things rule you; you must rule them.

What else goes hand-in-hand with a productive workflow? Social media. Can’t run from it now, cause it’s everywhere. I’ve learned that the better I embrace it for business purposes to work for me, the less I am ruled and distracted by the social world. I use Hootsuite, which allows me to schedule posts and plan ahead of time. Of course, I can’t do this for an entire campaign unless I already have my blog posts and other things planned, which is why the schedules of other things are so important (I know I keep saying this). When I schedule my social posts, I feel saner and I don’t have to constantly post manually. I would also argue that it looks more professional to have a blog and social media post merged into one campaign, scheduled around a launch date, so the audience sees the same material instead of random stuff that has nothing to do with anything. It all flows together and makes sense to my audience. This allows for more productivity (duh!) and more intentional posts.

Note that this step does not take the place of real human interaction. Scheduling merely gets your brand out there multiple times a day without all the manual labor. To combat this, I also schedule time during the week to interact. For me, the best time is in the evening, when I’m normally fishing for other things online anyway, so it works well. It’s never a set time, and it’s not always every evening, but I do have that in the back of my mind as something that needs accomplished every couple days or more. Don’t stalk your followers, just give ‘em some shout outs and move on!!

Finally, when the day is coming to a close, take time to recognize what you accomplished rather than focus on what you didn’t. It’s so easy to think, “I didn’t get as much done as I wanted to today”. Don’t. It doesn’t turn back time, and it doesn’t allow for relaxation so that you can turn around and do it all again tomorrow. If you must, take a minute to think about what you did, and why the other things didn’t get done. If it was because you were sidetracked and didn’t stay on task very well, then try again tomorrow. If it was because you really were working like a dog and just didn’t allot enough time for everything, or something unexpected came up, then you’ll do the same tomorrow.

To sum it all up, here are the 9 ways you can have a more productive work flow from the office or home (or both, if the two are in the same building!):

+ Have a Plan, Routine, Etc.
Side Note: The free version of Rescue Time works well if you need some help getting on track.

+ Ignore the Overflowing Inbox

+ Get Inspired/Learn Something

+ Make lists
Side Note: Trello App. Pretty awesome for this. Also goes with scheduling and timing and all that jazz.

+ Manage YOUR day

+ Manage that social
Side Note: The free version of Hootsuite is your friend. Just use it. You will not be so distracted by having to post something ever hour + you’ll be more intentional with your scheduling.

+ Manage Interaction

+ Acknowledge what was accomplished VS Fixating on what was not

This post also goes hand-in-hand with some other topics I’ve posted about before, including “effective-time” habits and goal setting.

If you need more help, just shoot me an email. And don’t be afraid to Pin this for later use!

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9 Ways to Produce A Productive Workflow