Build a Work Environment that Promotes Creative Productivity

Build a Work Environment that Promotes Creative Productivity + Radiant Rumble Blog

Productivity isn’t always about lists and plans and schedules. Sometimes it’s great to be able to try something new, something different, something fun. It’s not enough to be a stick-to-your-guns planner and a devoted note-taker. You also have to be a “throw-everything-out-the-window-er” for a day. (Yeah, that’s a thing…)

So, here’s a few things that may help you get outta the box when it comes to plain Jane, boring ‘ol productivity:

Do It Like FB
Take Asana or Facebook, for example. They have “No-Meeting Wednesdays”, wherein employees do just that: There are no meetings on Wednesdays (it may be another day, even, but you get the idea). Of course, there are exceptions to the rule due to emergencies; however, consistently hosting No-Meeting Wednesdays provides valuable time for “making” rather than “meeting”. Sometimes all it takes is the K.I.S.S. method to remove the road block for free passage to getting things done.

I’m actually tempted to use this approach throughout the week, but with things such as “No Email Thursday” or “No Phone Call Friday” (haha, I wish). But seriously, how about an “Idea Brunch” with friends or a “New Products Focus Day” with co-workers… the list could go on. I’ve come to realize that it doesn’t matter how much you plan and schedule productive time unless you also schedule time to be free to do something creative.

Get a Makeover Like T+L
I recently received the latest Travel + Leisure magazine, and it’s all about Europe. One reason I like T+L is because I get to *actually* see and learn about places, Europe included, from my very own home, even though I’ve never been. (Of course it would not compare to the actual viewing of said places in person, however, I’ll take what I can get!!)

When this issue arrived, not only was I excited about the pretty pictures and decadent food I’d come to expect within its pages, I also noticed T+L recently went under the microscope. With a fresh look, an eye for modernism and a better user experience online (and within the pages, I’ll add), they are on their way to appealing to a larger audience – and they managed to come out looking even better than they did before. I’d be interested to see what the new T+L office environment looks like. They must have days where they throw caution to the wind and unwind, causing creative productivity to flow wildly.

Cross-Pollinate. Yes.
Since I only work with myself at Radiant Rumble, I can’t produce the following exercise; however, you may be in a position to play it out. Consider hosting a “cross-polination” workshop within your corporate office – or even with yourself and your clients (Just kidding… I guess I can take advantage of this since I do have clients!) – where you get to know the roles of others and vise versa. It’s really easy to get trapped into being productive only for yourself. But when you bring in those around you, and create ways to be productive for them, that could be where the productivity starts to explode. Suddenly you’re working for the greater good of others and the company as a whole, and you get to benefit from it all in job and in character. Win-win.

Vary Very Much
It’s completely amazing how a re-arrangement or a bit more sunlight can brighten your day. I don’t always, but I do try to move things around even just within my workspace to keep it fresh and exciting. Now that I think of it, everything is due for a change-up… I should probably do that this weekend! If I allow everything to sit and accumulate, it gets boring and can really suck the fun out of my workday – without me even noticing. It can get pretty drab when that happens! Maybe starting an “Off-Site Meeting Friday” is in order? (Even if it is just with myself!)

That’s Just Crazy
If that’s not enough, just get crazy creative. Which, actually, I would recommend doing anyway. Then again, maybe all it takes is dressing in a Hawaiian shirt and putting a smile on

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Build a Work Environment that Promotes Creative Productivity

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