and… we’ve launched!

Note: This post is now on the new Radiant Rumble site, where the blog has moved. After this post, Radiant Rumble will only be posting on the new website: Head on over to the new blog to read this post and check out the new shop!

Welcome to Radiant Rumble’s new look, website and super new online shop!

For those that haven’t been following along, here’s the backstory:

Once just a blog by Radiant Rose Creates, Radiant Rumble is now an online shop, complete with digital goods. For now, we have cards up for purchase, of which you print yourself – over and over again. There will soon be other products, but I am happy with this start!

For those that have been following, here’s the catch-up:

Last week I took a break from blogging because I was out of town, but also because I just needed a break! As you now know, I’ve been working on launching the new products and new site – and it was (and still is) a beast! I was feeling so drained and overwhelmed about getting everything together and meeting my deadline, that I decided I needed to do something to relieve stress and just relax!

I came to the conclusion that taking a break was alright.

I wasn’t hurting anything by skipping a week. Heck, I really, really enjoyed it.

But I also missed writing and sharing.

And now, thinking of new products to add to the new shop!!

But, since the launch is over (YES!!), I’ve got to say… I still don’t feel like I have it all together when it comes to my website and my blog, but I’m getting there.

And part of getting there has included a lot – A LOT – of steps and lists and things to do. A LOT.

Including a site move, blog move, adding products, and everything else in-between, I’ve also created a more cohesive brand.

Radiant Rose Creates is now just Radiant Rumble.

No more “Radiant Rose is the company, and Radiant Rumble is the blog.”

I know it feels like I’ve done this before, but this time it’s different. It’s not just about a better name or better site. It’s more about products, some about services and even less about a site that just sits there. I want and need my business to work for me, rather than me for it. I’ve been thinking a lot about “making my money work for me”, “passive income”, “do what you love”, entrepreneurship, doing something that matters… and this new site change is just a way I’ve decided to shift to try to make those things happen.

In a way, the “brand overhaul” (as I called it) last Fall just paved the way for this new venture. It definitely wasn’t unnecessary. I needed to go through the process of changing in that way to get to changing where I am now: more about my business working for me.

Another great reason for this change was due to my blog feeling stale. I think it started out that way, actually, and it got better at times, but for the most part it was just… bleh. The email update was… less bleh, but still bleh. The new shop opens opportunity for a wider audience, more exciting things to talk about, and the ability to run my business like an online store – which I think is what I was grasping at the entire time. I just needed to figure out how to get there first. And I did, all in due time.

I certainly don’t have it all planned out… I’ll have to admit my “hard launch deadline” was just decided on last month. And I’ve had the site for two… and the some of the products finished even before that. Funny how things sometimes don’t get real until the week or so before they happen. I really was freaking out about this. I actually didn’t even want to launch today. I wanted to put it off another week… But then I came across this blog post about how you don’t have to – and even more, probably shouldn’t – launch everything at once.

That put it all in perspective.

I have big plans for you, Radiant Rumble, and I just wanted to get them all done at once so that I could have this amazing launch where the Pinners would stampede and the Tweets would abound. Ha. I even felt overwhelmed just now from writing that crazed sentence. In a perfect world…

So, I narrowed it down to a few things that HAD to be done in order to give a proper launch for Radiant Rumble: logo, site, shop, cards. Lots and lots of cards. I’m still not done with the cards. But there’s enough to start with. I can feel my mind trailing to the millions (okay, hundreds?) of card ideas.. and then going off on to stationery, weddings, announcements… decorations, packets, bundles of joy… if nothing else, the fun will never cease. I just hope to create income while I’m at it!

Thanks to you, readers, I can do that. I have the opportunity. Take a look at the now-open Radiant Rumble!

Comment with feedback – this is my FIRST “official” online store. I did have a few products on our sister site, but nothing compared to this!

p.s. There is definitely a party in my head, even if Pinners don’t Pin and Tweeters don’t Tweet!!

and… we’ve launched!

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