Top Goal Tip Articles for 2015 + Our Little Tid-Bits!

Top Goal Tip Articles + Our Little Tid-Bits by Radiant Rumble

As New Year’s Day approaches, we are taking a good hard look at where we’ve been and where we want to go. On the way to writing down our goals for 2015, we were inspired to create somewhat of a collection of articles to share that we found helpful ourselves. We also wanted to include some of our own input along with that of others, so below you’ll find the article title and link, as well as what we’ve got to say about it. Let’s get to it!

Article #1: Goal Setting 101
The points made in this one are pretty intriguing. You perform better when you set goals – and not just lazy ones, the ones that will make you work harder. You better reach your goals if you align what you want with what you believe. You set better steps to reach your goals and have a clearer focus if you realize that the “now” is just as important as the “then”. This article gets to the nitty gritty of why goal-setting can be so mysterious, and what to do about it.

Article #2: An Almost Fool-Proof Way to Achieve Every Goal You Set
Pretty great concept, really. Like article #1, if you focus more on the “now”, you might get more done. As much as this article rings true, I do still feel that having an end goal to certain things is definitely necessary. Accomplishing something, and being able to chalk it up as something accomplished is a pretty great feeling. Having an “end goal” gets you on track to treating it more like a process. Processes within goals are necessary to create repetition, which then forms a habit.

Article #3: Turn Goals Into Strategies
Using “goal” versus “strategy”, this article points out the necessity of creating a goal, and then breaking it down to form even smaller goals within that goal. I’ve personally found this works great! Sure, I can think of a huge, outragous goal I’d like to accomplish in 2015, but I will never get anywhere unless I break it down on paper. I need to know how I want (or think I can) get there, which will give clarity, focus, and even more motivation – making the goal more unattainable in my mind.

Article #4: Goal-Setting Tips: Overcoming Your Immunity to Change
This last article sums up the previous three pretty well. Sure, you can set goals, create processes and strategies, and break them down to accomplish them. But what if it all fails? What if it’s day one of your new weight loss strategy (I bring this one up because it’s the most popular goal of every new year!), and you don’t even make it to the entryway of your newly set up home gym? This article addresses the fact that humans are human; we have strengths, but we also have weaknesses. Purposely pointing out those weaknesses while creating goals is just another way you can beat the dropouts and continue on with your processes and strategies, set to succeed.

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Thanks, as always, for reading and sharing!

Top Goal Tip Articles for 2015 + Our Little Tid-Bits!