We can’t afford to wait for opportunities. We have to create them.

We can't afford to wait for opportunities. We have to create them.

Opportunity: An appropriate or favorable time or occasion.

When have you ever been able to look into the future and decide on an “appropriate” time to start your business? Or your blog? Or paint your house?

When have you been able to travel into the future and see that “favorable” time you so much want to believe exists – if only it would get here, you would know.

I’ll be the first to say that never has and never will happen to me. Sure, circumstances happen in which something you’ve always wanted to do can suddenly be done during a “more favorable” time.

However, when such a time occurs, we forget the fact that in order for that thing to be accomplished during that “favorable” time, you actually have to do it.

It won’t get done by itself.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the past four years with my design business, and the past five months with Radiant Rumble, it’s that there is never, ever, ever an appropriate or favorable time or occasion that you can predict is coming. There’s just not.

Which brings me back to the fact that if you’re waiting for an opportunity then you might as well watch grass grow. At least you’d be watching something happen!

So how did do you push through the wait and get going?

For me, I had to figure out that I was waiting, because I honestly didn’t realize it. I thought that since I had been thinking, and writing, and harboring ideas that I was making progress.

Don’t get me wrong, thinking is a very important part of the process.

But the other side to that is that I wasn’t doing anything with that progress. Every time I’d have one of my awesome (at least I thought so) brainstorming sessions, I’d set the work down and forget about it for two weeks. By the time I would get back to it, I had to refresh and basically restart.

It was a very ineffective way to go about making progress.

And I still find myself doing that same routine sometimes.

It’s hard to recognize when you’re the only one in the cycle and no one else is watching your back. That definitely comes with the territory of being the sole owner-operator, so I’ve learned that you have to be able to ask others and ask yourself the tough questions, research and learn.

I’m the perfect example of how not to start a blog… it took me a year of thinking and some help from Fizzle to get into gear.

And guess what?

When I finally started setting goals WITH end dates to launch, it only took a month. Literally. One month.

Now look where it is. Five months later, I’m still posting every week and I have an email list of 21 subscribers.

Radiant Rumble and the email list is right where it would not be had I not started back in October. (And even more than that, had I not created goals with end dates, created a content schedule, and kept writing and posting).

I wouldn’t be this practiced in blogging, and I wouldn’t be getting better at deciding what to write about. I wouldn’t even be taking the time to write or figure out how to market each new post on social media.

That’s huge for Radiant Rumble, and for me.

In order for your small business (blog, startup, whatever) to work, you have to want to move forward, make headway, and press toward your goal bad enough that waiting isn’t an option.

Waiting for opportunity is like waiting for grass to grow (yes, there it is again)!! You don’t know when it’s going to come, and it may never, or it may come all at once. You just don’t know. But acting – that you know will produce something, even if it’s the complete opposite of what you want or what you thought.

The bottom line is that something will happen when you stop waiting and take action. Period.

As unpredictable and uncontrollable as the future is, this quote gives the perfect reason why to not wait.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”
I hope this helps you to realize you’re waiting. I hope it helps you to decide to stop waiting now, rather than later.


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We can’t afford to wait for opportunities. We have to create them.