Event Designers: They Help with Moo-lah, Sanity, Ease and Direction!

Event Designers: They Help with Moo-Lah, Sanity, Ease & Direction!
Whoa. Hold up. “Event Designers”? Those are just people who were tired of seeing the same decorations at family birthday every year and decided to help them out. They don’t actually exist, right?


Event designers actually do exist, and they’ve made quite a splash in the world of weddings and special events. Event designers may have started out as people who couldn’t stand the same boring decorations from Party City, but they now thrive as those who helps others realize their visions can come to life. From lavish to home-made, an event designer is a classic example of someone that saw a need, and filled it. They create what others can only imagine. For those that aren’t crafty, those that don’t have time, those that don’t know where to start, and those that have absolutely crazy ideas – event designers are for you.

Here’s why:

They save your moo-lah.
Event designers know things. Things that you may not already know. They have tricks up their sleeves, and discounts and coupons for places they use constantly. How? Why? Because they are affiliated with beautiful venues and amazing boutiques full of rare finds. Think of a travel agent. Some people use them, and some people don’t. But I bet if everyone knew what travel agents knew, everyone would be knocking at their door. Like event designers, travel agents can get deals that no one else can. Why? Because they are affiliated with resorts, airlines, cruises, excursions, and all things travel. So, whenever you’re thinking about the look of your wedding, birthday party, or corporate event, call up your event stylist, and they can hook you up with some great deals and stylish items. They can save you moo-lah, even if it’s $10 (which can go towards something else party-worthy, or that much-needed latte).

They save your sanity.
Event designers, like event coordinators (those that makes the schedule and create a smooth-flowing event), are very organized and creative people. They help prevent issues that are destined to happen at every set-up, complete with people-herding abilities they would rather not let you know about. They know how to fill an empty room, prioritize, and get things done. The great ones can style for photos, set up your tables and break-down in no time at all. They can see things that you can’t, providing insight to a vision that’s not yet complete. But most of all, they can help you help yourself. You don’t have to do it all. They can save your sanity, if you let them!

They make your life easier.
Event designers are aware of the current trends, and what can make a lasting impression on your beloved guests. They know the nooks and crannies of the web, and can find special places to get exactly what will make your event shine like it’s gold. They have contacts and vendors that they love, and those that love them back (money saved!). The things you want, and the things you envision, will be so much easier to track down and look up when you have an event designer there to help you! They make your life easier, when it all seems impossible!

They give direction.
Event designers are also very helpful in giving direction. Say you have an idea, but you haven’t quite pinned it down. An event designer can help steer you in the direction you want to go. They’ve most likely been there before, and if they haven’t, they’ve been close enough. They can visualize what would look great beforehand, yet can also create a spontaneous masterpiece from random objects on a whim. They can provide ideas to your vision that you may not have thought of, filling in the holes where you couldn’t. They give direction, because they’re good at it.

All this to say…
Event designers are almost an unknown profession. If you know about them, you’re confused and think to yourself, “Why use one?” And if you don’t know about them, then you really don’t know what you’ve been missing until you discover them! Hopefully, this article gives insight into what an event designer actually does, and how they can help you with your next big event – whether it’s your wedding, baby shower or upcoming Christmas party!

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Event Designers: They Help with Moo-lah, Sanity, Ease and Direction!