April 2015 Resources: 6 Of The Best, Recently Discovered Recourses for Small Business, Entrepreneurs and Startups

This week, we’re going el plan-o.

No images, no twitter quotes… just text and links.



Do you ever need some resources all in one spot on a subject without having to dig or fish through ads and annoying click bait? I definitely do! Which is why I find it so easy to search Pinterest or Google versus ONE blog or website. It’s either really nice to look at, or really easy to see the content behind the link. So why am I going all black and white?

Pinterest, on one hand, is very image-orientated. If it weren’t for pretty images, Pinterest wouldn’t exist. Google, on the other hand, does include some images (under Web), however, they’re more links and text that anything else. Since I’ve been-there-done-that with the Pin-Worthy posts (which I will continue, of course), I wanted to try a plan and simple text-and-links-only post for three reasons:

#1 To see what kind of response I would get (comments, interactions, clicks, etc.)

#2 To share the work of others without distractions, bringing you even more valuable content besides my own

#3 To give my readers a to-the-point article without all the fluff (I do like fluff though, in the right places!)

I’ve heard both ways can be very rewarding, so I wanted to see what happened when I tried it out here on Radiant Rumble. If it pans out, I may just have to do it more. Only time will tell!

April 2015 Resources

By Dave Ramsey, this new app may just help out with budgeting and finances for both personal and professional life. I’ve tried it out for only a few days now, so I don’t have a review to report; however, I think it’s going to be useful… Money is hard to deal with!

Featured in NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Good Morning America… Just found this blog a last week, and it has some great information and helpful tips.

Think you need investors? Think again. And talk about making your money work for you.

Founder of Virtual Staff Finder, the leader in online “staff-finding”. I haven’t listened to the podcast yet, but the blog has great articles on branding (among other stuff).

Blog, podcast, resources on… You guessed it, Productivity. That word may just become fun after you visit this site!!

Lately I’ve been going what seems a mile a minute, and I haven’t been able to sit and write anything that great! But, that doesn’t mean I’m not thinking about or researching for future posts. And actually, I feel like I’ve found more resources in the past few weeks than I have in the past few months! That may be because I’ve been able to take a tiny break from writing, or possibly because I’ve been researching things for upcoming topics. (In which case I haven’t taken a break!!) Either way, I hope this list is extremely helpful, and that you’re able to take it beyond just the task of reading. I hope it helps your business thrive and grow, no matter what stage it is in.

Thank you for reading! Send me your comments, and forward this along if you can!

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April 2015 Resources: 6 Of The Best, Recently Discovered Recourses for Small Business, Entrepreneurs and Startups